Monday, December 01, 2008


Some four years ago, a local University was commisioned to conduct a study on the National Sports Associations (NSA). The report was never made public but it was an open secret that it was the root cause of some problems that affected the NSA's in the preceding years. I will over the coming days reveal some details of the report, hoping that some will realise that it was misinformation, rather then a personal vendetta that led to the so called spat between the Minister and top civil servant who was running sports in the country at that time. Amongst some of the more startling details are : - Only 24% of the NSA's agreed that their programs were tailor made to produce athletes of international standards. - 76% claimed that the NSC handouts were not sufficient to fund programs. - NSA's claim that problems between OCM and NSC affect them directly. The battle between these two bodies has caused them to lose/gain funding, depending on who they support politically. - Political intervention by certain personalities. - Lack of professionalism shown by KBS/NSC officers. - No direction insports from the powers that be. - Corrupt practices - Dictator type behaviour by NSC officials