Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well very low if one takes a look at the situation of the doubles pair Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen.

And I am not looking at how BAM treated them in omitting the duo from the World Champs.

But rather the attempt of one senior badminton official who is asking the state BA's to ban the duo for making a complaint directly to BAM and subsequently to OCM without going through the respective BA's.

Since it's regulation that this official is so concerned about, I suggest he looks at the BAM constitution in totality as the BAM Exco is powerless but has made many decisions over the past year and could be deemed as unconstitutional.

So just do what you have to, maybe it's better that BAM move on and just come out with a fair selection process rather then trying underhand tactics to frighten players.

You are no mafia but are starting to sound like one.

And as a reminder look at how BAM compensated Roslin....

ROSLIN Hashim will not receive monetary compensation but the BA of Malaysia (BAM), which accidentally omitted his name from two super series tournaments in May, will allow him to train with the national team and send him for all remaining super series tournaments until the end of the year.

Roslin had sought Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar's assistance and laid down several demands, including a place in next month's World Championships, after BAM's error in omitting his name from the Singapore and Indonesia Opens.

BAM has already granted Roslin a wild card for the World Championships and president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh said the shuttler can enjoy all the training facilities and will be allowed to train with Rashid Sidek's Project 2010-2012 squad.

Roslin can also compete in the remaining five super series tournaments this year for which BAM will bear the total cost.

"I think we have come to an amicable agreement after a discussion with the Sports Commissioner and we have considered his requests except for cash compensation," said Nadzmi.

Roslin had demanded monetary compensation close to RM200,000 for missing the two tournaments.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been informed by a member of the media of an NSC official who has passed remarks to character assassinate me. I have given that officer an opportunity to apologize and move forward, and in good faith contacted his superior to advise him as well. But since then 6 hours have passed and no attempt was made to apologize hence I will name and shame him in my next posting. Suffice to say I have consulted my legal team to pursue a suit against him. Nothing personal against NSC but this official seems to forget who he is dealing with. I may be a mere blogger but you could end up a pauper!


Former Perak and Thailand assistant coach Steve Darby will now move to India and manage Mohun Bagan.

Mohun Bagan had a pathetic trophy-less last season with two coaches -- Stanley Rozario and Subhas Bhowmick -- at the helm.

The Kolkata giants finished a disappointing sixth in the I-League.

The Liverpool-born Darby obtained his UEFA A Licence in 1979 and became an official FIFA Instructor for the Oceania region in 1981 before coaching more than seven teams.

In 1998, he became an AFC instructor and was national development manager for the Australian Soccer Federation between 1990-1995.

Darby then moved on to coach Sydney Olympic, but left in 1998 to coach Johor FA where he enjoyed a successful spell, winning Malaysia FA Cup. He left the club in 2001 to take charge of the Vietnamese women's football team which he led to a gold medal in the SEA Games.

After that, he was appointed youth team coach for Sheffield Wednesday under Terry Yorath, but remained there only for a season before taking over the reins at Singapore's Home United FC.

In his four year tenure as Home United boss, Darby led them to a league and cup double in 2003, a semi-final spot in the AFC Cup in 2004 and also winning the Singapore FA Cup in 2005.

At the end of his Home United FC contract, Darby was also linked to the vacant India manager's post.

However, he did not take up that job, choosing instead to join Perak FA despite having offers from two other Malaysian clubs and a Vietnamese club.

He led Perak FA to second spot in the 2006-07 league and to the Malaysia Cup final and an AFC quarterfinal, a first for a Malaysian Club in Asian competitions at that time.

In October 2008, he was appointed Thailand assistant coach and worked together with Peter Reid who was appointed Thailand chief coach in August.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Former Malaysian national football team coach Bertalan Bicskei passed away on Sunday at the age of 66.

His cancer was discovered in 2009 and he served as Malaysian coach until September 2005.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Read the highlighted part of this interview with regards to the Zimbabwe club team conning the FA of Malaysia as being the national team. Malay Mail Journalist Haresh Deol had highlighted this matter and the response from FAM at that time and recently was that they were not aware that it was a club team.
But this tells a totally different story, that Malaysia came to know about it and were upset. If so why was the match not called off? Why did FAM not come clean if they knew after the match was played since it is now clear that Malaysia knew about their status of being merely a club?

Read on...

HOPE CHIZUZU, a local journalist, was one of the key people interviewed by the Zifa committee tasked with investigating Asiagate. Chizuzu travelled with Monomotapa, both as a journalist and an official of the club, during their trip to Malaysia in 2009 where they stand accused of masquerading as the Warriors.

Monoz played two games, and lost both matches, in matches whose international A status has already been revoked by Fifa. Chizuzu met the investigating committee in Harare on March 25, this year, at about 10:20 am.
This is a report, by the committee as contained in their final report, of their interview with Chizuzu. There is no written submission by Chizuzu in the report.
Hope Chizuzu – Journalist And Monomotapa FC Official (10.20hrs – 25/03/2011)
Question – In what capacity did you travel with Monomotapa and what else can you tell this committee about the Asia games match-fixing?
Chizuzu – When I went with Monoz, I was putting on many hats, I was a journalist and also a Monomotapa FC consultant.
Question – When we started investigating the initial Malaysia trip of December of December 2009, you were very much outspoken against it. What was the reason for it? Where you given a gag order and, therefore, wanted issues not to be talked about?
Chizuzu – I was never given a gag order and it is generally difficult to give a gag order to me. I say out my mind as I see things. I believe in the truth, irrespective (of) how it might hurt other people. To me, the truth must always prevail.
Question – Fine then, how did you come to be involved in the Monomotapa trip to Malaysia?
Chizuzu – I had just come into the country from Zambia and got a phone call from Solomon Mugavazi telling me that we were leaving on that day’s evening (flight) to play two games in Malayia.
He said that the plane, Air Zim, was leaving that evening, via Singapore. Mugavazi said that the Zifa CEO had organised for Monoz to try and raise finances for preparations for the African Champions League. As Monoz, by then, we had big financial challenges and, obviously, this was a welcome relief as the team was going to get a free camping period and all expenses paid for by the organisers and, as Monoz, we were also going to get a lump sum for participating in the two games.
Question – Who was the HOD and everyone else in the delegation?
Chizuzu – Mugavazi was the HOD, Bhekimpilo “Far” Ndlovu was the treasurer, myself as an executive committee member (consultant), Rodwell Dhlakama was the head coach, Taurai (Manwgiro) as the assistant coach, Clayton Munemo, as the team manager. Musavenga was in charge of the trip and was also representing the hosting FA.
Question – Where were your visas organised?
Chizuzu – We were told that our visas would be provided on arrival in Malaysia.
Question – Who received you when you arrived?
Chizuzu – When we arrived at Singapore, we found two guys who were waiting for us but had no knowledge about us playing Malaysia national team. They didn’t strike me like football people. We had to travel by coach and drove for about 300km. we had problems at the border between Singapore and Malaysia concerning the visa issue. After our arrival, the following day Musavengana came with two strange guys who then held a meeting with the technical team. After their meeting, I asked Clayton about the meeting and he said he was not sure about what the substance of the meeting was but they had been asked to co-operate fully and play three games. He asked me not to tell Mugavazi about it.
I then discovered that these were match agents who were also organising this match outside the Malaysian FA. A BBC correspondent asked me how many players were in the Zimbabwe national team. I told him that we were a Premier League team and did not have National Team players with us. I actually did a 10-minute interview with the BBC and, after that, Monoz were dubbed the impostors. The media there went on to even produce names of players for Warriors from the previous Merdeka Cup.
Question – Why were these agents misleading the Malaysians?
Chizuzu – The agents wanted to fleece off the public of their money. By the time we left Malaysia, we were unwanted by the public there. Musavengana’s behaviour was very funny, e.g, he used to sit on the technical bench like (a) coach.
Question – If, in Malaysia, they were expecting our national team, then why did we send a club?
Chizuzu – Back home, the national team had not been cleared for the trip. I am aware that national team players and coaches like Luke Masomere had been told to keep their passports and bags ready for the trip. Japajapa was supposed to have travelled with this national team and, when the trip was not sanctioned, he therefore could not travel. He got mad, over the Monoz issue, because he was dropped.
Question – As a journalist, why did you people not pick it up early before the rot had set in?
Chizuzu – The truth is that there would be very few journalists who would say they didn’t know about these games?
Question – But, then, why were you gagged on it?
Chizuzu – If you guys are underestimating the strength of that lady then you are fooling yourselves. She is capable of doing anything in her quest to achieve her objective. Even now, all the senior journalists from all the media houses are under her.
The junior journalists have a very clear conscious (conscience) but it’s the guys who say this story must be published or not who frustrate them into submission.
Question – How was the money transferred from Asia to Zimbabwe?
Chizuzu – Real money was shipped to offshore accounts in advance. The main account was and is in Jo’burg.
Question – In Malaysia, what did you really notice?
Chizuzu – There was a big problem in Malaysia when they discovered it was not Zimbabwe national team. The Malaysians were looking forward to good preparation matches against Zimbabwe since their national team was going to be playing against Manchester United from UK. There was also a noticeable rift between Mugavazi and Musavengana and, as a result, Musavengana bolted out of the team hotel and stayed away from where we were staying.
Question – What did Monomotapa gets in monetary terms?
Chizuzu – Mugavazi was paid US$10 000 and this money was given to him in public in the hotel lobby by the Asian guys.
Question – How much did the players get?
Chizuzu – All the players got US$2 500 each and this was gotten clandestinely through the technical team. The technical team each got US$5 000. The team doctor, and executive committee members, were sidelined.
Question – How did the matches go, i.e. the conduct?
Chizuzu – Voster Chitemu came to me saying he was not understanding what was happening, because Musavengana had approached the team at half-time, fuming that they were causing the whole team delegation not to receive their good money. I told (Lysias) Sibanda the issue and he was not amused at all. After that game, the agents paid the team and was no unrest again. The payments were done at night, when the executives were asleep, or not suspecting anything to be happening.
Question – What did the players sign for as allowance payments?
Chizuzu – The official record was put at US$700 each. Also, ‘Far’ Ndlovu left earlier, back for home, to prepare for the arrival of the Tunisian team. The Zifa CEO surprised me by phoning ‘Far’ who was leaving for home that day.
Question – What did the executives get?
Chizuzu – The executives got US$500 each. Coach Rodwell Dhlakama dribbled out his entire technical team on the extra US$5 000, given to them by Musavengana, when we arrived back home.
Question – What’s your recommendations to this committee?
Chizuzu – On punishment to the players, I strongly recommend a lot of leniency as Zifa are to blame for all this. The whole Zifa HQ benefited through payments made to each of them by the CEO, including Nelson Matongorere (Zifa technical director). Wellington Nyatanga could not reign on CEO simply because the moment he received the “boot” (loot) from the CEO, he then obviously, ceded his authority to her.
Even board members like (Fungayi) Chihuri (who is part of the investigating committee that prepared the report) and Gladmore Muzambi received the loot and (Jonathan) Mashingaidze (current Zifa CEO), was also a recipient.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Dato Al Amin Majid was elected as the Vice President of the Badminton Asia Confederation in the Annual General Meeting held at the Taj Hotel in Lucknow today.

Al Amin polled 23 out of the 26 possible votes, same as two others - Liu Fengyan of China and Juniarto Suhandinata of Indonesia.

Three others who won were Indian BA president Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta (22 votes), Jassem Kanso of Lebanon ( 21 votes) and Kim Hak Suk of Korea ( 14 votes )

Prior to the elections, the AGM voted unanimously for the removal of VK Verma as the continental representative at BWF as well as the position of Secretary General of BAC.

The position will now be vacant and the new Exco of BAC will determine on the process to fill the position, either with an EGM by BAC or to wait for the BWF AHM in May next year.

There were four withdrawals and one disqualification from the race for the Vice President, which had 16 candidates nominated.

Those who withdrew were Junichiro Yamada (Japan), Peshtiwan Najeed Nadir (Iraq), Kholoud Bitar (Syria) and Prof Ranjit de Silva (Sri Lanka) while Syed Naqi Mohsin (Pakistan) was disqualified as the Pakistan BA was suspended by BWF.

For the race of the President, Katsuto Momli was elected unopposed following the withdrawal of Dato Mohd Nadzmi Salleh.

It was the same case for the position of Hon. Secretary, Surasak Songvarakulpan of Thailand won unopposed after the withdrawal of Jan Hadi Santosa Tanzil from Indonesia while Aamer Hayat Khan Rokhri of Pakistan was disqualified due the suspension of the Pakistan BA by BWF.

Tong Wai Lun of Hong Kong was elected as the Hon. Treasurer after Amanda Lalindra of Sri Lanka withdrew while Saeed Iqbal of Pakistan was disqualified.

Vice President Election Results

Dr.Akhlilesh Das Gupta ( India )- 22
Jassem Kanso ( Lebonan )- 21
Liu Fengyan ( China )- 23
Juniarto Suhandinata ( Indonesia )-23
Maria do Carmo RM Carvalho ( Macau ) - 5
Sugar Dulam ( Mongolia )- 4
Le Dang Xu ( Vietnam )- 0
Kim Hak Suk ( Korea ) - 14
Dato Al Amin Majid ( Malaysia ) - 23
Mohammadredza Pouria ( Iran )- 11
Francis Koh Keng Siang ( Singapore ) - 4

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Zulfadli Zulkifli, a player sponsored and trained by KLRC, brought honour to the nation , donning yellow, when he emerged champion of the Asian U19 Badminton Championships in Lucknow. This is the first time any Malaysian has won at this level.

He defeated India's Sameer Verma 21-15,21-17 to silence the packed stadium

Friday, July 08, 2011


Zulfadli Zulkifli showed good match temperament to win his semi final tie against Japan's Kento Momota to qualify for the final in the men's singles of the Asian Under 19 Badminton Championships at Lucknow.

Joining Zulfadli in the final are the women's doubles pair of Chow Mei Kuan/Lee Meng Yean who defeated second seeds Ou Dongni/Xiong Rui from China 21-17,17-21,21-16 in a thrilling semis tie.

They will take on Indonesia's Andini Suci Rizki/Nuraidah Tiara Rosalia in the final.

The 18 year old, sponsored by KLRC, kept his composure to win 21-18,21-19 in a tie that lasted 45 minutes.

This is the first time he made the final in three appearances as he lost in the two previous editions at the quarterfinal and semifinal stages respectively, both on home soil in Kuala Lumpur.

Zulfadli will play either China's Liu Kai or India's Sameer Verma in the final tomorrow.

"I was nervous but did not let it show during the match. I had to engage him in rallies and force him into making mistakes," said Zulfadli.

"Making the final is just the first step as my aim is to bag the title and I will remain focussed on the task at hand.

"There are areas that need to be improved and playing either opponent in the final makes no difference as everyone wants to win and will lift their game."

Zulfadli took a 7-1 lead in the first set but allowed his opponent to draw level at 7-7. And he was faulted at serve with the scores tied 8-8.

However some crafty net play allowed Zulfadli to lead 11-8 at the break. He then pulled away to lead 16-11 but made too many unforced errors that allowed Kento to draw level at 18-18.

But the Malaysian prevailed to take the next three points to sew up the first set 21-18 in 19 minutes.

It was the similar script in the second set as Zulfadli led 6-3 but was caught as the Japanese drew level at 8-8 and he took the lead for the first time at 9-8.

Zulfadli was sending the shuttle out too many times at the base line but engaged Kento to play at the net. That ploy worked as Zulfadli led 11-10 at the break.

It was not more then a point separating the duo as Zulfadli raced away to a 19-16 lead only to make three errors on the trot to allow Kento to draw level at 19-19.

But the lanky Malaysian showed nerves of steel to take the next two points to book a spot in the final, overcoming his semis defeat in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Meanwhile it was heartbreak for men's doubles pair of Teo Ee Yi/Nelson Heg Wei Keat who lost to Taiwan's Lin Chia Yu/Huang Po Jui 16-21,21-11,17-21 in a match that lasted 49 minutes.