Tuesday, December 30, 2008


December 27 was indeed a historical day for Malaysian hockey. For not only was it on that day that E&Y finally won the elusive MHL Overall Title, but that was the day of some bizzare decisions made by the Malaysian Hockey Federation.

Firstly I must congratulate personalities such as George Koshy, Tai Beng Hai, Nor Saiful Zaini Nasaruddin, Lailin Abu Hassan, Nor Azlan Bakar, K. Rajan, Tuan Haji Johari, K. Dharmaraj, Bob Rajendran, Saiful Azli Abdul Rahman and Mirnawan Nawawi. If you read from the list, with the exception of Bob and Saiful Azli, all those mentioned are from KLHA, or rather are now serving or have served KLHA.

Let's look at the appointments from a different perspective as I do not want to argue with regards to the lobbyists culture as stated by some quarters. Do these people deserve the appointment or not, only they can answer that question truthfully.

For one, I did SMS George Koshy, the President of KLHA as to why so many of those appointed were from KL and if he had prior knowledge of it? His answer was as usual direct, ask MHF and with regards to his own appointment as National Team Manager, George had this to say : "Let me enjoy my holidays and you will be the first I will inform of my decision."

The appointments were made by the MHF Team Management Committee, headed by Deputy President Nur Azmi Ahmad on December 27. So how it is that Tai Beng Hai was informed of the decision to extend his contract and be seconded to the National Team before the meeting was held? Did MHF or NSC appoint the coaches or was the decision made by NSC and MHF merely endorsed the decision?

Secondly, the issue was a replacement to Sarjit Singh, so why was Nor Saiful moved from the Under 16 team to the National Team when the appointment is just interim?
Thirdly, has MHF forgotten that they have a Coaching Committee, whose terms of reference are appointment of coaches for various National Teams? The Chairman has been appointed but no meeting has been held so who decided to appoint those coaches, your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, several committees formed, even appointments of deputy chairmans are not provided for in the current MHF constitution, so rightfully it is unconstitutional. Why are then the affiliates keeping quiet and why is the Sports Commissioner overlooking this malady?

Nothing has changed as so far as MHF is concerned, a southern state used to monopolise appointments and now its the turn of KL. Is MHF made of only one affiliate, all respect to George and Rajamanickam.