Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ernst & Young have made the final of the MHL yet again but have yet to win the Overall Title, something that their coach K. Dharmaraj has done on numerous occasions during his playing career. Infact his opposite end, his elder brother K. Embaraj too has won the Overall Title as well during his career as a player.

But while the two teams battle it out on the pitch this Saturday for the title, it is what happens beyond the final that interests me. For it could well be the final time that we get to see E&Y playing in the MHL.

Word has it that from next season the team will be re-branded and known as the KL Hockey Club, a vision set in place by none other then George Koshy, a man that knows what hockey needs in order to reach the pinnacle.

Watch this space for more details and I take this opportunity to salute you George for what you are trying to achieve.