Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It was a costly blunder, and with that it looks like coach B. Sathianathan will be taking charge of the national team for the last time when they line up against Thailand in the AFF Cup in Phuket on Wednesday.

A fortuitous long-range goal by substitute Nguyen Vu Phong four minutes from time saw Vietnam edge Malaysia at the Surakul Stadium in Phuket last night, virtually confirming a place in the last four of the AFF Suzuki Cup.

Phong lofted a long ball from his own half that bounced over the head of Malaysian goalkeeper Helmi Eliza Elias for his second goal of the game.

It was a disgraceful performance from Helmi, but Sathia will take the fall, with none others from FAM taking any blame for what can be seen as a performance that was expected from the Malaysian players.

We were out thought, out foxed but not out played against Vietnam. But to lay the blame squarely on the coach is something that we are accustomed to in Malaysian sports. Will anyone else join the band wagon when the team fails?

FAM blundered when they told PDRM that they were out of the Super League, then promoted Kelantan without the approval of the FAM Council, and eventually made it a 15 team Super League tournament. And only nine months ago FAM were told off by FIFA for having a 13 team Super League. Will those who made the mistate own up and quit, highly unlikely...