Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Though I am not keen to write about hockey, I feel compelled to do so following some interesting news and developments that have been communicated to me. It seems that all plans that were put in place to help Malaysian hockey but some ex-internationals were not only hijacked but blown to bits by "four datuk's". The intention was noble by those who initiated the need for change in Malaysian hockey, as there was no personal interest in vying for posts and positions. Still these noble thoughts were somehow manipulated by a few who wanted to serve their self interests. And what is more interesting is that funds were made readily available for certain candidates vying for positions in MHF, akin to what is being said about elections for a certain political party. I will take all these allegations with a pinch of salt as I believe that TM Pahang means well in trying to help the sport but he too must avoid the pitfalls by listening to all instead of a select few.