Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DBKL denied by KLFA for FAM Cup

Another Club is facing problems similar to what Selangor PKNS is facing.

This time it is Kuala Lumpur FA that is denying permission to City Hall ( DBKL) to participate in the FAM Cup.

While KLFA argues that City Hall has achieved any success in its domestic league thus does not meet the criteria, it fails to understand that DBKL was the FAM Cup champions in 1987 and 1988.

In the past those wishing to participate in the FAM cup had to win or be runners up in the domestic stars leagues.

However the huge financial burden forced FAM to have a relook and a new criteria was introduced with clubs having the ability both financially and physical facilities being allowed to parachute into the FAM Cup.

It is clear that PKNS was ill advised to move their affiliation from Selangor FA to Selangor Malays FC.

Will that sane person now be advising DBKL on what to do?

Money seems to be the main issue as KLFA feel that their share of the cake in terms of funding could be curtailed by the inclusion of DBKL which is the funding arm for the city team in the Premier League.

The fact remains that DBKL can make life difficult for KLFA as they own most of the playing fields and stadiums are actually under the purview of City Hall.

FAM will most likely have to decide on this issue as well but this is a clear cut case, unlike the PKNS issue where a meddling official has created the mess and put it squarely on FAM to decide.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The PKNS - Selangor FA Saga- who is the culprit?

The million dollar question that begs an answer is just who misled Selangor PKNS?

This question arises after it was revealed by an insider that in actual fact the whole issue concerning Selangor FA and PKNS was in actual fact created by ab individual and had in reality nothing to do with the internal squabble concerning Selangor FA.

One needs to understand the regulations in place in the M- League to understand the situation better.

The rules clearly state that clubs need to get consent/approval from the state FA before competing in any national tournament.

As a matter of fact FAM goes through its affiliates to correspond with clubs, respecting the line of authority instead of dealing directly. This is in line with the FAM constitution.

Back to entries for the 2017 M League, rightfully the invites ought to be channeled through the state FA's and not directly to the concerned clubs.

Not only that, any entry of subsequent confirmation needs to be endorsed by the state FA and neither FAM or FMLLP can accept a direct entry.

So was PKNS given a wrong impression that they could submit a direct entry,thus snowballing a internal conflict into a major one as certain parties took advantage of an internal squabble to throw in a spanner?

FAM should get to the bottom of the matter and hold an investigation if PKNS was being misled into doing this.

The closing date is November 30, but this non issue could have been resolved much earlier.

Should Selangor FA decide to haul this matter to court, someone needs to answer, so best own up now and stop meddling into state affairs.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nauraj to undergo surgery

National high jumper Nauraj Singh Randhawa had to cut back on his training stint in Australia and will undergo an operation next Tuesday.

The national record holder who created waves by qualifying on merit to the Rio Olympics suffered an injury to his  elbow  last Wednesday during training  under his coach Alex Stewart in Sidney.

The injury will keep him on the sidelines for up to six weeks before he resumes light training.

" Well it was an accident which I sustained during training. It could had happened to anyone and it's normal but I was a little unfortunate it damaged my elbow more than the usual" explained Nauraj  who returned to Malaysia on Tuesday night when contacted.

"People fall off hurdles all the time during plyometrics.

" The good thing  is my lower limb is perfectly fine and I'm not looking at it as a set back , but rather as an opportunity to be able to work on certain areas which could benefit me in the long run like balance and strength in the lower part of my body. 

" I'll be back to running within 6 weeks but for me to gain normal arm abilities would take up to 3 months"

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that he was informed with regards to the injury sustained by Nauraj.

" He will be having a minor procedure but we expect a full recovery in 3 months," said Khairy when contacted.

Nauraj had an ankle injury in 2011 but recovered well enough to go out and set records in high jump.

There is no doubt that this 24 year old will be able to bounce back from this injury and go on to get the gold in SEA Games next August.

The Johor lad is destined for greater heights and will no doubt be extra cautious in trainings,

And he hopes to resume his training under Alex once he fully recovers.

Doping Scandal in Takraw, Exclusive!

In a devastating blow to Malaysian Sepaktakraw, 6 players and 3 officials have been suspended by the ISTAF for refusing to provide urine samples for anti doping tests during the recent Kings Cup tournament in Bangkok.

It is learnt that Takraw will now most likely be omitted from the much publicised and cash laden Podium Program.

The players were required to provide their urine samples but refused to do so and it's alleged that the 3 officials also did not cooperate with the anti doping agency that was entrusted by ISTAF to carry out the doping checks.

It is further learnt that those implicated have been informed and have a 14 day period to appeal against the suspension.

Going by WADA regulations, those involved can be suspended for 4 years or a minimum 2  years if the mitigation process is handled properly.

ISTAF will hold an inquiry once the 9 have provided their appeals to decide on the issue.

This is a bitter blow for Malaysia in preparation for the SEA Games and Asian Games.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ugly performance, desired result

Malaysia struggled for Long periods in their opening match of the AFF Cup against Cambodia before winning 3-2.

Coming back twice from behind, Malaysia raised their game when it mattered to snatch all three points before their crucial match ups against Vietnam and Myanmar.

Offering no excuses for their display, coach Dato Ong Kim Swee felt that what was more important was getting a winning start, and improve on areas that stood out in the match,

" We needed to get the three points, that was the aim and I am relieved we managed to achieve it" said Kim Swee when contacted in Yangon.

" Of course our performance is much to he desired but we hope to build from this.

" There was too much ball watching, lack of movement and urgency in the first half.

" Things improved towards the final quarter but I must reiterate that our finishing let us down.

" We need to work on a few grey areas in Defence and not allow opponents such luxury in Attack.

" A job done to get the points but far from satisfactory as far as the overall performance is concerned."

The defenders were static when conceding the second goal but Kim Swee does not have much options on the bench,

It was only after the inclusion of Safee Sali that the strike force posed any threat to the opponents.

Kim Swee could opt to start Safee instead of Darren Lok in their next match against Vietnam.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Losing not an option

The opening  AFF match  against Cambodia will probably be the longest 90 minutes in the life of national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee.

For this is one match that he and his charges cannot afford to lose, or even draw.

Cambodia may be minnows but no team should be taken lightly.

And playing what some perceive as weak teams is most difficult for any coach to prepare a game plan.

" Our opponents have nothing to lose but all to gain. Thus they will throw caution into the wind and play their normal game. It is how my players handle the situation that matters," said Kim Swee.

" The maturity of the players will come under the microscope in matches such as this.

" While I never want anyone to come to a conclusion after the first match, this will indicate our state of mind as we approach tougher matches ahead,

" We need to win this at all cost and that I why Attack will be the strategy of choice in this match.

" This is not going to be a walk in the park match. I expect it to be hard and tough and opening matches are always difficult."

Kim Swee is expected to field Darren Lok  and Hazwan Bakri as the strike force with Norshahrul Idlan and Safee Sali to be brought on as replacement killers.

The midfield will be helmed by Badrol Bakhriar, Zaquan Adha, Fakri and Irfan although he could eventually opt for Amri Yahya and Shazwan.

The back four will most likely see the same four who saw action against Papua New Guinea Matt Davies, Sharom Kalam, Shahrul Saad and Rizal

In goal Khairul Fahmi is expected to get the nod

" It's crunch time and the hopes and aspiration of the nation are squarely on the shoulders of the players," said Kim Swee.

" I stand by my choice of players as given the circumstances these are the best available that I could pick from.

" Critics many have their opinions and choices, but only I know what I had to endure to come up with a team that could carry our challenge here in Myanmar and beyond,

" Let's take one match at a time and not read too much into it after 90 minutes.

" We know that 3 points is vital against Cambodia and that is exactly what we aim for.

" It is how we end the match that matters most."

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Boardroom Battle

There is a silent battle emerging within the corridors of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

Often known as the umbrella body for the national sports associations, there is no hiding beneath the umbrella as Board Meetings in OCM of late have been anything but cordial, to put it bluntly.

The battle of sorts is centered around the soon to be vacated IOC seat currently held by OCM President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar who has to vacate the seat due to age restrictions by end of 2018.

Two individuals within OCM are said to be eyeing the soon to be vacated position and have not held back in scathing attacks against each other, undermining their responsibilities within OCM, more often then not putting other members in a difficult position.

And this battle has now moved from the Boardroom towards the affiliates as many are being caught in the crossfire, well ahead of the 2018 elections, put off a year to accommodate the organisation of the SEA Games.

That, the moving of the elections, was also another root cause to this infighting as it was not discussed prior to being brought up at the Board although it was later endorsed by the Council without objections.

Putting off elections on the pretext of Organising the SEA Games was a lame excuse as it should have just been said as it is - it is to  give outgoing president Imran his last hurrah on the regional stage.

Imran has been hands on running OCM in the past but of late he seems to have taken his foot off the pedal.

And this has opened up room for " little napoleons" to lay claim towards authority of what once was a peaceful sports body.

Which leads to questions perhaps Imran needs to let his deputy Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria play a more prominent role if he is the chosen one to lead OCM come 2018.

However some quarters are not too keen to let that happen for fear Norza will cement his position and be the " president elect" going into the 2018 elections. But is there any other capable candidate?

Matter have not been helped by the poor health issues affecting Secretary General Dato Low Beng Choo as she is overwhelmed by work, both locally and internationally.

She has been under the weather of late and there is speculation that it was due to her "indifference" with a senior statesman within OCM.

However that is merely hearsay as many take advantage of the situation to perhaps drive a wedge between those administrating OCM to their best of abilities.

It will be good if OCM will resolve its issues and although some civil servants have taken sides in this battle, they should realise it's not "within their pay brackets" to determine who leads or administers OCM.

Working as a team, resolving issues amicably and putting the interest of sports as it's priority has and should always be the priority of OCM.

Matters ought to be discussed between key members of the Board before being tabled at meetings and there should be a consensus amongst these leaders.

The sanctity of OCM is vital towards ensuring the sports remains what it is - fair and just for all Malaysians.

We do not need this infighting and in the process see our umbrella body being swept away in a mini storm.

Individuals will always come and go but the institution remains and thus it's important that OCM keeps to its principles, never bending rules or shifting goal posts to accommodate the whims and fancies of individuals.

Work together or walk away, that is what should be the motto at OCM. It has such a rich tradition of good governance that personal interests needs to be cast aside.

As a reminder to the Board Members, please do not involve the staff of OCM in your battles as their loyalty is towards the government of the day.

The staff have served well, within their ability and their loyalty or ability should not be put under the microscope now, not with some having served for half their adult age at OCM. 

Let there not be a racial divide in sports, the country has enough problems in its plates already.

Show maturity and walk around with heads held higher, stop the infighting and back stabbing.

No individual can lay claim to success and it's a team game at OCM.

Stand tall, stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and let nothing come in between your efforts to make Malaysia a truly great sporting nation.

After all you are the last bastion of true bravery heart volunteers that serve sports with sincerity and goodwill.

Let your deeds speak for itself, enough is enough.

No Black

Though many have branded it the Colour of "mourning" due to the state of Football in the country, that will not be a factor is national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee's decision not to wear black for the first two matches of the AFF Cup that gets underway in Yangon this Sunday.

Rather Kim Swee cited playing under the humid weather as basis for not wearing the newly designed black jerseys for their matches against Cambodia and Vietnam.

" Black absorbs heat and that is the main reason why I will not be opting for that Colours in the afternoon matches," said Kim Swee.

" That is the only reason and although some have associated other reasons to it, I do not endorse them."

Kim Swee said that although for the Chinese the Colour black was of bad omen, he was not a believer of such beliefs.

" It is the performance that matters, what happens on the pitch, the result, rather then what one wears," added Kim Swee.

" It's good to see the players in great spirits and itching for the tournament to start.

"The players know what is at stake and have promised to put their best foot forward."

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kim Swee shares his thoughts.

A personal account by Dato Ong Kim Swee.

The road toward success is a Long and tough one. It will not be a bed of roses or a walk in the park.

I knew this from the very first day I assumed the role of national coach.

But little that I realised that more obstacles will be placed just when I felt that we had a team that would be able to mount a challenge in international Football.

The retirement and unavailability of several key players meant that carefully thought about plans would have to be altered, fast tracking of younger players  was not an option but a necessity.

Many days and nights were spent with my coaching staff to plug the loop holes in terms of replacing those who opted out of the team.

I fully understand the situation and position of players who retired. They had served the nation well and though any coach worth his salt would have wanted them in his team, we also understand that we do not always get what we want.
My preparation, training methods, choice of matches and selection of players had often been frowned upon, questioned and criticised by some. But I stand by my decisions.

What all need to understand is these are the best available players in the country that fit my game plan or tactics.

They were selected due to their capability, availability and their desire to do the nation proud.

I have faith in each and everyone of them as I believe what they may lack in finesse they will make up with sheer grit and determination plus the desire to see the Jalur Genilang soar high and mighty.

Our AFF challenge will start with a match against Cambodia followed by Vietnam and Myanmar.

All teams are tough opponents and we need to navigate each match with extreme caution.

There is no such thing as a settled live up as we need to tailor make selection based on each match.

Therefore no player is guaranteed a place in the starting XI as it will depend on the opponents we are up against.

Trust me to field the best against each opponent that will suit our tactics and not perceive this as thinkering.

Our target is to make the last four and take it from there.

Some may feel that this target is far fetched given the team I have but I have one thing that many might not have - faith in the ability of these players.

We carry the hopes and aspirations of the nation, although some are hoping we fail.

If we were to fail it would not be for the want of trying but rather the fact that we were not good enough.

While performance is important, as a national coach I have come to realise that winning is a must, as only that  can satisfy all.

Tactical awareness, fielding the right combination are two key elements that I need to look into during our matches in Myanmar.

Despite all the shortcomings, whatever the critics might and have said, I trust in my players and I believe that they should and will deliver.

Stand alongside these players, give them the morale booster and with that we believe that we will make the nation proud.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

OKS Dream Team but.....

National coach Dato Ong Kim Swee will name his training squad for the AFF Cup on Friday.

But not many surprises are expected as Kim Swee has a limited choice of players to chose from.

The question is has Kim Swee the liberty to pick who he feels can contribute to the national team or are his hands tied by circumstances that you and I can only assume as no one will go on record.

Let's assume that all players are available, no "retirements" no injuries, no prevention or conditions attached, and all players are available to do national Colours.

So having looked at what Kim Swee has fielded so far this year, these are the players that rightfully should be in the list to be released tomorrow.

Gk - Izham Termizi, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat and khairul Azhan

DF - Fazly, Nazirul, S. Kunanlan, Matthew Davies, Aidil Zafuan, Sharom Kamal, Fadhli Shahs, Shahrul,

MF - Azrif, Christie, Chanthuru, Safiq, Brendan, Baddrol, Amirul Hadi, Zaquan Abdul Radzak, Junior Eldstal, Hadin Azman.

Now this is what I will call a dream team. There are players like Christie and Brendan who are injured and cannot make it.

But others are there and not all will be in the list to be released tomorrow.

If Malaysian Football wants to rise from the ashes, then the best should play and not only those who are allowed to play.

Let's wait and see how many make it.

ST - Hazwan Bakri, Norshahrul, Darren Lok.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is volunteerism dead in sports?

Is volunteerism in sports dead in this country?

Must all be paid for services rendered?

Have we  become so obsessed with money that  we

forget the fundamentals of being involved in sports?

No we are not going to talk about the rewards that have been showered upon Athletes that won medals at the recent Olympics and Paralympics.

They deserve what they got as that is what was promised to them.

Whether paying pension to those still active is debatable, we shall leave it at that.

It came as a shock to learn that the 2017 Sea Games Chef De Mission draws a monthly allowance from the National Sports Council.

This is unprecedented and can we expect the same for all Chef De Missions of future multi sports events?

Preparation of Athletes is no longer a priority as one sport not only does not have a training centre but were only offered RM1,500 per month to get one whereas Athletes of another sport receive RM2,000 as training allowance!

Then there is the case of the Board Members of a certain body collecting a monthly allowance.

In actual fact that should only receive meeting allowances and not a monthly allowance.

This was pointed out in an audit report and has now been corrected but some not too happy with it.

But will they return the money that was wrongly paid out?

Then we have the composition of the Boards of two bodies.

It should really comprise of those with no vested interest in these two bodies so as not to influence policy decisions that favour their Athletes.

But this is not the case and we will leave it to the powers that be to continue mess up our sports.

After all they are considered as gods gift to our sports so who are we mere mortals to raise anything on cronyism and nepotism !

Saturday, October 08, 2016

No win situation for OKS

" I am in a no win situation. When we lose, I get criticised, we draw I get questioned. And when we lose I get hammered. Well this is the stark reality of being a national coach."

Those were the first few words of national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee the morning after Malaysia and Singapore played to a scoreless draw at the National Stadium in Singapore.

The knives were out barely minutes after the game ended, as some claimed that Malaysia were "boring" played " ugly" or lack "imagination" while on the pitch.

While Kim Swee was peeved, he could not be the least bothered by snide remarks.

" Singapore had their best players available at their disposal. Are we in the same boat. Let's look at the scenario as a whole and not only what suits certain personalities," said Kim Swee when contacted in Singapore.

" We are trying to build a team here, starting from scratch and I am proud of the grit, determination, character of the players as some were thrown in the deep end and gave a good account of themselves.

" Had we played an open game we would have been torn apart as happened against Indonesia.

" I will play according to the strength of our team and plan a strategy against the teams we face.

" In the end it's the results that matter and I will carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability."

Malaysia were largely defensive as midfielder Badrol Bakhtiar opted to be more defensive and Irfan Fazail gave away possession too easily.

And upfront skipper Amri Yahya and Hazuan Bakri found it tough to find any decent openings.

But it was the Defence that held its own and came showed character.

" We spent that four days of training on Defence and I am happy it worked out," said Kim Swee.

" Now we face Afghanistan on Tuesday and the game plan needs to change. It has to be effective rather then pretty as the opponents have stronger physical attributes."

Kim Swee was pleased with the way the debutants played although they were nervous in the initial stages of the match.

But it was the few minutes that veteran Nor Shahril Idlan Talala had on the pitch that warmed the coaches heart.

" He gave us a different dimension as his ability to hold the ball and create openings gave the players confidence in the late stages of the match," said Kim Swee.

" It is commitment such as that displayed by him that I want the younger and inexperienced players to emulate."  

Kim Swee will hit the training ground this evening with 17 players that did not travel to Singapore or play that match.

And the next 48 hours will be used to cone up with a game plan against the Afghans, with result orientated being his priority no matter what the crunch potato critics may say.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

OKS Unfazed With Criticism

Undeterred and unfazed.

That aptly describes how national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee reacted to the criticism hurled to him over his coaching ability.

The Malacca born was as cool as a cucumber, opting to talk more about the enthusiasm shown by the trainees in the national team then let some unsustained claims affect his demure.

" Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to me I have a job to do and have no time to think about these type of distractions" said Kim Swee.

" The personal attacks will not stop no matter what I do or say and it started from the very first day I assumed the job as national coach.

" My duty is to train the team and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

" The players are well aware of the situation and when they take the field they do not play for themselves or for me, rather they play for the country.

" My response is simple - it does not bother me one bit what others think, I work with sincerity and carry out my responsibilities to the nation. 

" I think the fans that know Football realise what the actual situation is.

" And as far as comparison between local and foreign coaches, just take a look at the facts, it tells its own story."

It is however ironic that the criticism on the ability of Kim Swee cane from a club that probably has hired the most of players that were groomed by Kim Swee.

Among those who don the jerseys ofJDT and were groomed by Kim Swee are Izham Tarmizi     , Sasikumar, Mahali Jasuli, Gary Steven, Azrif Nasrulhaqand Fadhli Shas .

It does not just stop there as in JDT 11 one can identify players like Amer Saidin, Irfan Fazail, Fandi Othman and Syazwan Andik as former Kim Swee charges.

The coach knows that the matches against Singapore and Afghanistan will put him under the microscope once again but has faith in his players.

" I have a decision to make, as to who I would field against Singapore and also get a positive result," said Kim Swee.

" I believe that FAM had Abd continues to have faith in me and I intend to Prive my worth by getting positive results on the pitch

" I need to have the core team ready for the AFF Cup as I cannot live in having to play a guessing game on who will be available or not.

" I believe in my players and trust me when I say I see desire to do well in their eyes."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3 players depart national camp

The national Football team was dealt a bitter blow when three players departed from the training camp on Tuesday night.

The three are Zaquan Adha Razak, Ifran Fazail and Darren Lok, all from JDT II.

The players are said to have informed coach Dato Ong Kim Swee of their decision to leave the training camp and left the same night.

A total of 13 players had reported for training on Tuesday morning Abd the team had their first training session the same day at Wisma FAM.

Barely two hours after the training ended, the three players informed Kim Swee they were leaving.

JDT has however informed FAM that their players will only report for national training in accordance with the FIFA regulation governing the release of players for national duty which is four days prior to the match.

" I was informed by the  3 players  from JDT II 
last night that they had been instructed by their club to return to Johor. 

"This morning FAM received a letter from JDT informing us that they ( JDT ) were invoking the FIFA clause pertaining to release of players for national duty, which is four days before the scheduled match.

" I have no alternative but to let them return as per the instruction from their club.

" I have discussed this matter with the Team Manager Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin  and we will be calling up 2 additional players, Norshahrul Idlan and Nasir  Basharuddin to add to the list of trainees.

" We respect the decision made by the players and hope they will report back for training when granted permission by their club.

When asked why players were called up outside the permitted FIFA window, Kim Swee offered this explanation.

" My intention was to work on these 13 players individually on aspects that they needed to improve and also have them in camp as they had no competitive matches over the next few days" added Kim Swee.

" It is the prerogative of the club in cases like this and we hope that teams will help the national cause."

A total of 6 JDT players were called up for national training by Kim Swee.

The other players from JDT , Amri Yahya, Azrif Nasrulhaq and Fadhli Shas were only required report for training on October 2 as the second batch of trainees are to report on that day.

Kim Swee was obviously devastated with the turn of events but out up a brave front, opting to focus on what is needed on the pitch then let matters off the pitch affect his focus.

" I have a job to do and will do it to the best of my ability," said Kim Swee.

" No coach should have to deal with such a situation but at times there are matters beyond our control.

" Let's move forward and prepare for the matches accordingly as the interest of the nation is paramount."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Rookies in OKS Squad

There are five new call ups in the national Football squad squad named by coach Dato Ong Kim Swee.

The national team will be assembled to prepare for matches against Singapore ( Oct 7) and Afghanistan ( Oct 11) ahead of the AFF Cup on November 19.

They are Mohd Fadzrul of Perak who is the top local goal scorer, Hadin Azman ( Felda) , Rizal Ghazli ( Kedah) Shazwan Zainon ( Kedah) and Ahmad Khuzainee ( Melaka United).

With the centre of Defence being a major concern, it will be interesting to see how Khuzainee will fit it.

Faridzul has been scoring regularly and could well end up partnering Hazwan Bakri in Attack to give Kim Swee a new dimension.

With the average age being 27,65, it's refreshing to see Kim Swee opt for untested players as opposed to those who have quit the team at a young age.

It comes as a surprise that players like 
Khair Jones, Wan Zack Haikal and Amir Saidin have been dropped.

" This is the best available players I have at my disposal and we shall try to do well in both matches" said Kim Swee.

" Khair and Wan Zack are not listed as I want to give other players a chance to impress me as well.

" But that does not mean they are out of consideration for the final squad.

" I want to give untested players an opportunity to see how they handle pressure at the international stage.

" We need to have strength on the bench as well and these two matches will help me see just how much certain players have in performing at a higher level.

" I was impressed by their performances and form in the domestic matches and believe they deserve a chance to showcase their ability at the international stage.

" It is not easy as a coach to keep making changes but we have to move on as some players are now unavailable while a few others injured."

Players who are not involved in the Malaysia Cup semis and the AFC Cup semis will report on September 27 while the rest on October 2.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SEA Games or World Champs. A no brainer!

A no brainer.

That is the best way to describe the statement made by the National Sports Council Director General when he stated that Athletes would have to give priority to the 2017 SEA Games instead of the World Badminton Championships.

The dates of both these sporting events clash and it would affect the participation of the shuttlers at the multi sports event where Malaysia has targetted emerging as champions for the first time since 2001.

The very fact that a senior official of the KJ administration could say such a thing on record goes on to show what blind faith is all about.

When the Minister says that the target is winning the overall title at the SEA Games, he means we need to have a preparation or Athletes that can win medals to ensure that.

It is beyond comprehension that one would ask Athletes to forego the TOP most prize in their career, besides the Olympics, for a regional medal.

How on earth was such a statement made is beyond comprehension as obviously it has put the Minister in a spot as the blame now solely lies on the Minister unwittingly.

The civil servant can argue that he is merely echoing the orders of the Minister who made it clear that Malaysia is to emerge as champions of the SEA Games.

So let's take the easy way out then, blame the Minister for that statement.

And to ensure that Malaysia wins all the gold medals in Badminton at the SEA Games, let's start funding shuttlers from other SEA counties to Badminton events so that they all qualify for the world champs and we have a easier path to win gold.

There you have it, even a better plan to endure our success, and I will not charge you a bomb in fees for the idea unlike some foreign experts you have on the payroll.