Friday, April 30, 2010


The Sports Commissioner's office will introduce an online system to speed up the registration of sports associations and clubs.

Sports Commissioner Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusuf said the system, to be known as the sports bodies information system, would replace the manual system and was expected to be operational in early June.

Through this system, the public no longer had to go to the Sports Commissioner's office to fill the registration forms and could do so from home, he told Bernama here Friday.

He said that besides registration, the public could also pay the registration fees online through the "Maybank2u" system.

With the facility, the registration of an association or club could be done within a short time, he added.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Water, water everywhere
Heavy rain points out flaws in Bukit Jalil track


KUALA LUMPUR: Don't we ever learn? Some RM2.3 million was allocated for the upgrading works of the National Sports Council (NSC) running track in Bukit Jalil. Yet, it only needed a heavy downpour to point out the flaw in its construction.

The bad drainage system is to be blamed as water continued to rise during the heavy rain on Tuesday and causing a large area of the track to be flooded.

It is baffling to note that the drainage system was not addressed earlier as the track is located on lower ground compared with the Commonwealth Hall , Gymnasium 2 and football pitches surrounding it.

Water gushes from the higher areas onto the track area. It is also surprising why the tracks were not raised several inches to prevent water from being stagnant. Former international hurdler Ishtiaq Mubarak (national juniors coach) could only conduct his training at 5.30pm as he had to wait for the water to subside.

“It took some time (for the water to flow into the drains). We have no choice. We had to train at the other end of the track which was not so bad," said Istiaq.

“Several NSC officials and the engineers were around and I’m sure they now know it’s a problem.

“The water is not going into the drains as fast as it should and the water levels kept rising instead."

This is the second blow to the upgraded tracks after NSC claimed the track was certified by the International Association o f Athletics Federations (IAAF).

In the email dated April 6, IAAF confirmed: “…We have not issued any facility certificate for any track in KL and there is no such ongoing certification matter either.”

There are claims that the 'split timing system' was not installed.

Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim was then quoted saying; "I saw the tracks and when I pointed it out to the people working there, they just ignored me. Perhaps they know best.”

Several sporting facilities have suffered the same fate because of poor planning. Among them are the Ministry of Education hockey turf in Pantai, the Mini Stadium in Jasin and the 10 football fields, which will be one of the venues for the 13th Malaysia Games at the Hang Tuah Sports Complex in Malacca.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


DEFENDER Baihakki Khaizan and right-winger Ridhuan Muhamad have each been fined $750 for keeping the national football team waiting on the bus that was to take them for their crucial Asian Cup qualifier against Jordan last month.

In a statement released by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) yesterday evening, the two players were found guilty by the disciplinary committee (DC) of breaching Clause 8(i) of the FAS Code of Conduct & Professional Ethics for National Players.

According to the charge, Baihakki and Ridhuan failed to be punctual for the departure of the team from the hotel at 3.45pm on March 3 for the match against Jordan in Amman by turning up to board the bus seven minutes late.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Two-time Malaysia Cup winner R Suriamurthi will shelve football for his ailing mother.

The 52-year-old submitted his resignation to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) last Wednesday, and will relinquish his role as national under-17 coach in June.

"My mother has done so much for me, and now that she is bedridden, its time for me to attend to her and try to pay her back for what she has done for me," the former midfielder told MediaCorp yesterday.

Suria's 87-year-old mother has been bedridden for the last year or so, with his family and a maid attending to her, but her condition has worsened.

"I don't have another job waiting for me or anything, the only thing on my mind is to take care of my mother first, and I'll see how things work out," he said, revealing that he will tap into his savings in the interim.

"This is my mother, everything else can wait," he added.

Suria used to marshal Singapore's midfield in the late 1970s and '80s. He also starred for Pahang in the '80s.

He has been a coach with the National Football Academy since the start of last year, his second stint with the FAS after a four-year term from 2000 to 2004. He has not ruled out a return to the national set-up.

Said FAS senior head of game development, Jita Singh: "Suria's aged mum is bedridden and we offered to keep his post open until he is ready to return. But he has chosen to turn his full attention to his mother and we understand.

"The door at FAS definitely remains open to him."

The FAS will start looking for Suria's replacement in the coming weeks.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The staff at the Badminton Association of Malaysia are under scrutiny by the former treasurer of the association, Peter Yeow on what they know with regards to some units at BAM Villa that it seems still belong to the association.

Checks by the now sacked Hon. Secretary Ganga Rao over the past few months revealed that some of the units were actually still registered under the ownership of BAM and the Exco was briefed with regards to the findings.

It seems that the total value runs to figures amounting to RM6 million and could well be one of the reasons being engineered to justify the decision to remove Ganga. And one senior BAM Exco member I spoke to wants Nadzmi to call for an Exco Meeting before the Thomas Cup to get to the bottom of the matter.

Someone is hiding facts here. Ganga deserves to go if Nadzmi has lost te confidence in him. But procedures must be followed. Nadzmi appointed Ganga with consent from the Council after the last BAM AGM. So by convention, shouldn't he now explain to the same Council why he lost confidence in his man barely four months later?

The crux of the matter is the ING sponsorship, so in order to be fair and transparent, why not reveal the minutes of the meeting that decided on the sponsorship in the first place. I ave a copy of the minutes and will publish it in due course. But I await the reasons as to why the gentlemens agreement between Nadzmi and Ganga early this month was broken via an email?

It will be good if BAM President Datuk Nadzmi reveals as to why Ganga was sacked and not opt to hide the details, as written in The Malay Mail today.

As a corporate personality, he should not use remarks like Ganga was a junior officer in BAM when I appointed him, mind you Ganga was already holding a senior position when Nadzmi took over BAM.

If Ganga was the junior officer, so what is Peter Yeow today? Chairman of the BAM Disciplinary Board, since he is conducting investigations?

Suffice to say, punish Ganga if there is proof, you have sacked him, so why hide the details Nadzmi? But let's come clean on the BAM Villa issue, the ING sponsorship, the television deal, the debts of NSC to BAM, the ambitious official within BAM who aspires for bigger things.

Nadzmi keps mum about Ganga

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 12:56:00

SEPANG: BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh failed to disclose the reason behind the sacking of P. Ganga Rao as the honorary secretary.
Nadzmi, who returned home this morning after receiving medical treatment in Germany, told reporters at the KL International Airport:
“When I appointed Ganga Rao (as secretary) while he was only a junior officer, I didn’t give any reason. So I guess I’ll live to that (by not mentioning the reason for his sacking),” said Nadzmi.
“I know you (the Media) have heard a lot of things. I’m not going to talk about them for now.”
Over the “soured” sponsorship deal with insurance giants ING Insurance, Nadzmi added: “Proton will be the main sponsors for now. Further negotiations will be held with ING after the Thomas Cup.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



BAC do not recognise new BAM 'representative
Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 10:40:00

PETALING JAYA: It looks like the drama enveloping the BA of Malaysia (BAM) is now the talking point of the region!

Mailsport learnt that BAM’s efforts to upstage their "ousted" honorary secretary P. Ganga Rao
P. Ganga Rao
at the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC) annual general meeting (AGM) in New Delhi yesterday backfired.
The AGM was held after the Indian capital hosted the Asian Badminton Championships (ABC) which ended over the weekend.

Ganga, who is BAC development chairman, and the Malaysian team manager for the ABC Dr Koay Ban Hing, who is BAM vice-president and Penang BA president, attended the AGM. However, their presence was "challenged" by BAM development manager Chooi Weng Sheng.

Weng Sheng produced Ganga’s supposed termination letter and a letter of authority stating that both Ganga and Ban Hing were not the Malaysian representatives and that he would represent BAM instead.

It is unclear who authorised Weng Sheng to replace the duo in India. Weng Sheng arrived in New Delhi on Saturday but this contradicted Article 10 of the BAC constitution which reads: “In case of the two nominated delegates should be unable to attend a AGM an alternate for such delegate may be nominated by the National Organisation concerned not later than SEVEN days before the date of the meeting.”

On Ganga’s appointment as development chairman, Article 8 states:

“The executive committee shall have powers to appoint members to the various Standing Committees with terms of references as may be deemed necessary”.

In line with their constitution, BAC did not entertain the BAM officials and allowed Ganga and Ban Hing to sit through the meeting.

Sources in India confirmed the incident and affirmed that Ganga’s appointment as development chairman was by the BAC executive council. Weng Sheng and the rest of the national contingent returned home this morning

Monday, April 19, 2010


When you talk about sports with Malaysia Prime Minister H. E. Najib Tun Razak, baseball and American football doesn't come up with conversation. There weren’t any basketball brackets to talk about either. Malaysians have different sports likes than North Americans. Najib has a large interest in sports as he was Malaysia's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports and then the Minister of Youth and Sports. Malaysia is working with the Mobile, Alabama-based United States Sports Academy and T. J. Rosandich to position the country into a more visible role on the global sports stage.

Malaysia lost to New Zealand 2-1 last November in the qualifiers final for the 2010 (Field) Hockey Finals. Malaysia also failed to make the cut in 2006. Hockey is one of Malaysia's major sports. Malaysia also failed to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup (in soccer). There is a 13-team Malaysia football (soccer) league. Formula 1 racing is a major interest for the government and for Malaysians. The Malaysian government is pouring a lot of money into Formula 1.

Upgrading Malaysia's sports program is a priority for Najib.

"We didn't qualify for the (FIFA) World Cup, so we will follow," said Najib. "We have a lot of soccer fans in Malaysia, in fact soccer is the most popular sport in Malaysia and the people are eagerly awaiting for the World Cup."

The FIFA World Cup is the world's most important sporting event, far eclipsing the Olympics. In 1969, a qualifier for the World Cup sparked a four day war between El Salvador and Honduras. The World Cup is a life and death experience.

In Malaysia, it is no different than most of the world. The World Cup takes on urgency even if Malaysia is on the sidelines. Malaysia has never qualified for World Cup play in the country's history. The national team has not done well in recent international matches.

"I guess we are realistic and our standards have not reached a level," said the Prime Minister. "But we are hoping that one day we will qualify."

This year's team lost a qualifier for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup to the United Arab Emirates in January and in three friendlies this year, the team won one, lost one and had a draw in another match.

Building a national football team that qualifies for the World Cup may take some time and require money. A bribery scandal in 1994 hurt the sport and it appears that Malaysians like watching European teams on TV. But there is more to Malaysia sports interest than World Cup.

"Football, badminton, hockey, golf and some of the other individual sports like archery, cycling, contact sports," said the Prime Minister."

Malaysia has a Ministry of Sports which falls with the policy of most countries in the world. The United States is one of the few countries without an "official" sports office. Funding for Malaysian sports comes from a variety of sources however it appears that the Malaysian government is the primary source of revenue for sports in the country.

The Ministry of Sports predates the 1963 formation of Malaysia.

The official history according to the Malaysian government explained the need to have an office overseeing sports. "The Ministry of Youth and Sports was incorporated in 1953 with the formation of the Culture Division under the Department of Public’s Welfare. The Culture Division was given the responsibility to handle all matters pertaining to Malaysia’s youth.
"Later in 1964, the Culture Division was transferred under the Ministry of Information. At the same time, a Youth Division was formed under the same Ministry to handle and encourage the growth of associations involving youth activities. A Sports Division was also formed under the Ministry of Information.
"The Ministry of Youth and Sports was only formed on May 15, 1964 in conjunction with the National Youth Day of that year. In 1972, the Culture Division was established and Ministry Youth and Sports was changed to Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports until 1987, when the Culture Division was transferred under Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. With the transfer of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports reverted to its original name of Ministry Youth and Sports until today.
Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) was given the mandate to implement the policies of the Malaysian government, particularly in the areas of Youth and Sports development."

According to the official website of the Ministry of Tourism for Malaysia, "Malaysia is increasingly and actively promoting itself as an organiser and host to various world-class sports events and recreational activities with the aim of becoming a major sports tourism destination in the Asian-Pacific region."

Malaysia hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games, Formula 1 Championship, the F1 Powerboat Championship and the La Tour de Langkawi. There are about 250 golf courses in the country. The plan is to build on those events.

"(Sports is funded) partly from the government, partly from sponsorship and partly from the general public," said Najib. "Every sport is considered high priority in a sense, if you are likely to win medals, then the level of support from the government is higher. If a sport is not doing too well then it is lesser. So we got three sources.

"One from the government, one from sponsorship and one from the general public."

Malaysia's annual budget puts millions of dollars aside money for sports. Najib is hoping the investment will pay off by making Malaysia a world sports destination.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Malaysia could soon be on the international golf circuit with plans to develop a PGA TOUR TPC facility in the country.

PGA TOUR commissioner Tim Finchem discussed the possibility of developing the TPC (Tournament Players Club) facility during a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak here on Wednesday.

The discussions centred on ways to work together to explore areas in which TOUR can use its experience and expertise in Malaysia and the region to advance certain golf-related programmes and initiatives.

Finchem had made a special trip from Florida to Washington to meet the Prime Minister who is on a one-week working visit to the United States.

The discussion touched on several areas of cooperation, including the development of the TPC facility in Malaysia, which would feature on-site PGA TOUR Academy, elite player training and grassroots development of golf in Malaysia.

In a statement released here the same day, the PGA said the academy would help attract high-income tourists to Malaysia, further development of an elite level training for the country’s top and emerging golfers as well as to assist in the development of the game.

Also discussed were opportunities to develop a nationwide programme to teach life skills through golf, provide significant access for players new to the game and expose underprivileged Malaysians to go through municipal and short course development and training programmes for schools and life coaches.

Najib said Malaysia was rapidly emerging as Asia’s leading golf destination, with over 200 golf courses around the country.

“Our intention is to elevate the standard of professional golf and golf itself in Malaysia to new heights working with the leading TOUR in the world,” he added.

Najib also emphasised the opportunities that a close working relationship could provide in the development of a long-term and sustainable programme aimed at creating a pool of world class players in Malaysia.

In November last year, Najib officially launched and announced the CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia which will be held at the MINES Resort in October this year.

The tournament, which will feature an international field of 40 players competing for a US$6mil prize purse, is the first to be sanctioned by the PGA TOUR in Southeast Asia.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Nope it's not what you think for the saga of BAM has nothing to do with the Proton Saga kind of money offered to BAM so as to take back the shirt sponsorship from ING.

There is more then what meets the eye and it really is as intrguing as reading any John Grisham novels.

For the BAM saga had the likes of Et Tu Brutus, multi million dollar television deals, apparel sponsorship and the breach of constitutional provisions.

Want to read more about how one of the most successful sports has been used as a tool by some individuals who could not care less, you got to wait a day.

It's not coffee shop talk as practiced by some people of late and all you have to do is to sit back and read about the grand plan some people had.

So much for 1 Malaysia

Monday, April 12, 2010


Below is something I lifted from the OCM Newsletter that is emailed out every Sunday. OCM Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi has made some interesting remarks and it will be better if he names them.
I agree with him as many people with vested interests are around in sports, not just limited to officials but also some who are manipulating situations in order to have their favourites administer certain sports bodies.

Disputes in Sports Organizations.

On the issue of disputes within sports organizations, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar, President of OCM and IOC member stated that the main cause of disputes in sports organizations is the conflict of interests of office bearers, coaches, staff members, parents, sports equipment vendors, etc., within sports organizations.  There are some sports officials, who are making a living out sports, while holding office in sports organizations of their sports, at state and national levels.  

There are some office bearers whose close relatives or loved ones are coaches, parents and suppliers.  Can they act independently and neutrally, when deciding on matter which may affect their relatives and loved ones?  There are also many parents, who fight only for their children. Some of them are very influential and rich and will do everything to get what they want. There are also people who have not established themselves in their careers and their lives and do not have the experience and the knowledge, yet are holding high positions in National Sports Association. There are a few who hold lower positions at the state, but are holding higher office at national level. When they are in the state, they will be subject to the directives of the state, how then are they going to be neutral and fair at National level. There are others who hold many positions in sport and as a result cannot act independently..

So long as there are people who have conflict of interests and vested agendas, holding office in sport, disputes in sport will always be there. Sport is not for self gain or profits. Sport is for those who wish to contribute their time, services and even their money, for the development of sports for the youths of a country.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Statement from ING Insurance Berhad on Sponsorship of National Badminton Team

Kindly attribute statement to:
Dato’ Dr. Nirmala Menon, President & CEO, ING Insurance Berhad

In the light of numerous articles in the news in the recent weeks, ING Insurance Berhad (ING Insurance) would like to clarify their position with regard to their sponsorship of the Malaysian Badminton Team. This collaboration was officially announced to the public on 23rd February 2010 through a hugely successful launch event to commemorate the officiating of this partnership. As official sponsors, one of the key features was the right to place the ING logo on the front of the Team’s T-shirt.

When ING Insurance was approached months ago to sponsor the Team by the authorized representative of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), we believed we would make a great partnership. ING Insurance has always been seeking opportunities to strengthen our commitment in promoting Malaysians, especially the youth and with this collaboration, we truly believed in elevating a common national pursuit, particularly in 2010 where Malaysia would be host to the Thomas and Uber Cup finals.

However, it has come to our attention that events have transpired to place the sponsorship in an entirely different light from our initial sponsorship intention. ING Insurance has approached BAM and is willing to re-visit the sponsorship in order to support any arrangement that is in the national interest.

ING Insurance remains a staunch supporter of the Malaysian National Badminton Team and irrespective of the outcome of this arrangement, we wish the National Badminton Team the very best in their endeavors this year.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


While the great debate on holding Sukma during the World Cup in ongoing, the Football Association of Malaysia have been plotting with their Singapore counterparts to hold a tournament in June. Read on the report below published in Singapore. Maybe now FAM might want to talk about it, over to you main stream media.....

The Great Eastern-Yeo's S-League will take a break from June 22 to July 11, the last three weeks' of the World Cup finals in South Africa.

And, as fans here await a resolution to the wrangle over World Cup TV broadcast rights, the Football Association of Singapore and their Malaysian counterparts (FAM) are plotting their own show involving Malaysian Super League and S-League teams.

MediaCorp understands that while details are yet to be finalised, the competition will feature last season's top four teams from each league - SAFFC, Tampines Rovers, Gombak United and Home United from Singapore, and Selangor, Perlis, Kedah and Johor from Malaysia - and possibly the domestic cup winners. The matches will be played here and in Malaysia.

"With the S-League resuming only after the World Cup, this will be a good competition if we do take part," SAFFC coach Richard Bok told MediaCorp.

"We're still not sure what the format will be, but a short home and away tournament will be good, and there is always keen rivalry when we play our neighbours."

But with all football competitions, there is the issue of cost. Said a club official who declined to be named: "The question of cost has been raised, we're not sure how good the response will be if the clubs have to bear the cost.

"We were told not to worry about cost and we're taking it that the Football Association of Singapore will foot the bill."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Though the FAM elections are two months away, it seems some people have started their campaign as can be seen from the statements made over the past two days.

It is the public that has to judge if football has indeed improved, and the facts from FAM speaks for themelves, as evident from the declining number of fans at the stadiums.

Well, campaigns are healthy but to blow ones own trumpet surely is something that is cause for concern as no one is saying that it is good for the sport.

Read on.... and make your own assumptions ......

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah is set to helm the football governing body in the country for another term, from 2010 to 2014.
FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad said he had met Sultan Ahmad Shah recently and that the president who took over in 1984, had expressed his readiness to helm the FAM for another term and stated his wish to contest the post during the FAM Congress in June.
"The president is ready to defend his post and lead the FAM for another term," he told Bernama here today.
Azzuddin said Sultan Ahmad Shah's immense contributions over the past 26 years that he had helmed the association, had been instrumental in the development of the sport in the country.
"Since being appointed as the secretary-general two years ago, I have had a very pleasant working relationship with the president and amazed with his love and interest in the sport," he said.
Meanwhile, Azzuddin said if his services as secretary-general were needed, he was ready to take the challenge to continue developing football in the country.

Do not blame Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for the poor turnout at Malaysian leagues as it is not its responsibility to woo the crowd.
FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad said FAM was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the tournament and selecting accomplished players for the national squad.
"We also ensure that the national football development programme attained a commendable level. FAM is not responsible in drawing the crowd," he told Bernama.
The Malaysian league audience between March 2009 and March this year dropped to 305,000 from 379,000 between March 2007 and March 2008, according to FAM statistics.
Azzuddin said blaming FAM for the depleting audience was the easy way out as critics did not know who should be held responsible.
He said Malaysians were crazy over the English Premier League (EPL) than the Malaysian leagues as they were fascinated with its quality of football.
"We are not blaming them for loving EPL stars better than local footballers," he said, adding that this should be a challenge to local squads to raise their standard.
"I believe Malaysians will support local teams if they improve their standard and performance," he added.
He said huge funds were needed to enhance the standard of local football but FAM itself was bogged down with financial constraints to aide all teams.
"They have to source their own funds to get out of the doldrums. If they have enough money, they football development will thrive," he added.

Companies are knocking on the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) door to sponsor the Malaysian leagues following the national squad's success in clinching the gold medal at the Laos SEA Games last year.
"It was difficult to get sponsors before and FAM had to fork out its funds to finance the leagues.
"But since the Young Tigers squad's achievement in Laos, things are looking brighter. Several companies are making a beeline to sponsor the next season of the M-League," FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad told Bernama Monday.
He said FAM would set the sponsorship criteria based on the amount pledged and the background of the companies.
"When the decision is made, FAM will give a six-month notice as stipulated in the contract with previous sponsors before giving the sponsorship rights to new sponsors.
"However, FAM will not sideline our friend, Telekom Malaysia Bhd, who have been very generous in sponsoring Malaysian leagues all this while," he added.
Telekom Malaysia took over from MSL Sdn Bhd, the FAM investment arm, as the main sponsor of the leagues in 2005 with a RM8.5 million deal yearly.
Dunhill, which was FAM main sponsor since 1987, ended its sponsorship following a worldwide campaign against tobacco companies from supporting sports events.
As the main sponsor of the M-League, Telekom Malaysia is given the branding rights in the Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup, FA Cup, Youth Cup, President Cup, FAM Cup and Charity Shield (Sultan Ahmad Shah Cup).


Cyclist Nurfaradhini Zakaria, who represented Malaysia in the 2009 Laos SEA Games team, was killed in fall during a training session with five other team members.

The 10.20am incident Tuesday at Jalan Teluk Sena, Parit, some 50km from here, also saw fellow cyclist Shahrul Nizam Che Shamsuddin suffering from a dislocated left shoulder. He was admitted into the Seri Manjung hospital for treatment.

Malaysian National Cycling Federation deputy president Datuk Naim Mohamad said Nurfaradhini, 27, suffered serious head injuries in the accident.

"She was first sent to a nearby clinic where she slipped into coma and was subsequently sent to the Changkat Melintang Hospital," he said.

Nurfaradhini, from the Royal Malaysian Navy personnel, was later admitted into the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here, where she died at 12.15pm.

A report was lodged at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital's police beat base.

Nurfaradhini was part of the winning team which won the silver medal in the mass road race in the Games.
Her remains were sent back to her hometown in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, after the post-mortem.

Monday, April 05, 2010


NSC chalet purchase: Buyers let of the hook

Sports Ministry says they were just following orders
Monday, April 5th, 2010 12:22:00
EXTRAVAGANT: A view of one of the two premier chalets acquired in Port Dickson

KUALA LUMPUR: National Sports Council (NSC) director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong and NSC management division director Abdul Rashid Yaakub have been let off the hook after the Sports Ministry decided that the acquisition of two premier chalets by the council in 2004 was not their fault.
The two units of Legend Water Chalets in Port Dickson, which cost RM850,000, were purchased during Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad’s tenure as NSC director-general.

Apparently, Mazlan had "verbally" instructed Rashid and Zolkples to buy the units after responding to an advertisement in a newspaper.

Both Zolkples and Rashid were issued warning letters in which they were to appeal within 14 days.

Rashid responded earlier while the ministry received Zolkples’s letter days later.

After scrutinising their appeals and discussing the matter with the appeals committee, Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek decided not to take any action against the duo.

This was revealed during a separate meeting after the NSC management board met at Casa 1 in Bukit Jalil last week.

"A decision was made to issue a warning to both Zolkples and Rashid but after gathering the facts, we decided not to pursue the matter," said Shabery.

"The only issue here is the method it was purchased. Both Zolkples and Rashid were merely following orders and there was no loss of money.

There were no irregularities in the transaction. They will be handed a caution letter (surat ingatan secara pentadbiran) instead." The Paper That Cares, in its report headlined "NSC in the soup — again!" on Feb 4, revealed that the council earned a ticking-off from the Auditor-General for the purchase of the chalets — resembling more of a honeymoon suite — which contradicted the Government Contracts Act 1949 (revised 1979) and NSC Act 1971.

It is learnt that the maintenance for the chalets is about RM5,000 a year. Both chalets have not been used since their completion in 2006.

When asked if action would be taken against Mazlan, Shabery added: "We haven’t come to that stage yet." It is believed that action, if any, against Mazlan could be discussed in the next board meeting, the date for which has not been fixed.

Shabery admitted that the ministry may approve the purchase as the value of the property had increased.

"You can give me a bungalow in Pulau Tioman for RM2 and I might not even want it as we have to look at the maintenance costs and other factors involved," he said.

"We will take all factors into consideration (in approving the purchases) but I’ve said this before, buying properties is not the core business of NSC."

Friday, April 02, 2010


ING Insurance in negotiations to end ties with BAM


KUALA LUMPUR: Could this be the end of an otherwise perfect partnership?

The two month old ‘marriage’ between ING Insurance and the BA of Malaysia (BAM) are on the rocks as Mailsport learnt there are attempts to sever all ties between both parties.

A company insider confirmed that there are on-going talks involving the insurance giants and the national body supposedly due to the series of articles in the local dailies which have ‘placed the company in a bad limelight’.

“The company came in with good intentions but the politics spoiled everything. Now there are serious negotiations to end all ties, if possible,” said the source.

"BAM may want to get out of this to be politically correct and to silence its critics."

“Even if ING does pull out at this juncture, there is no loss involved. In fact the company has gained in branding and marketing after (Lee) Chong Wei won the All-England title,” an industry observer added.

The supposed pull out could prove costly for BAM. The sponsorship is estimated to value more than RM2 million.

BAM general secretary Ganga Rao, who is currently in Australia, didn’t refute the claims but preferred to keep mum over the matter.

“I can’t say much for now. I’m sorry,” Ganga said.

The leading international insurance company signed a one year contract with BAM and this was made known during a Press conference on Feb 23. Present to announce the venture was Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Insiders claim the contract was more than just monetary sponsorship and insurance coverage for the back up shuttlers and players from the Bukit Jalil Sports School. There are also plans to get ING Insurance to play ‘an active role’ during the Thomas Cup in May and other related activities.

The company is to compliment Proton and Yonex’s involvement in the scene.

There were also plans of converting the alliance into a long term partnership.

However, things started to go downhill after accusations were leveled at Ganga for obtaining the sponsorship without the ‘blessings of BAM’.

This led to speculation that Ganga was suspended by BAM. This was, however, refuted by BAM president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


The Minister of Youth & Sports Datuk Shabery Cheek is known to have questioned the National Sports Associations for their internal squabbles, more recently the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

However the Honourable Minister was put in a fix when trouble brewed at the recent NSC Board meeting where current NSC Director General Dato Zolkples Embong questioned the entire program of the Talent ID program under the care of for NSC DG and current National Sports Institute Director General Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

Zolkples launched an attack after gaining information from some NSI officials on the cost effectiveness of the Talent ID Program. It is believed that Zol was peeved that although more then RM1 million was spent, not many promising athletes were discovered by the program spearheaded by NSI.

Ramlan did not take the criticism sitting down and put forward his points defending the program. But it shows that while the Minister was minding the business of other national sports associations, he was having difficulty dousing the fire in his own chalet ( pardon the pun).

So really, the cold war between the NSC and NSI has not ended and are we going to see a continuity over the months to come.

Shabery, do the right thing, get Zol and Ramlan to sit together and iron out their differences, get rid of the trouble makers within both the bodies and move on. The bottom line is both must shape up or ship out.

A replacement is already there, upon his return from UK this June, so Shabery get cracking please.

And yes while you are at it Sir, it was nothing new that you announced with regards to the RM2,000 allowance for the Olympics as it was in place since 2004 already.

As for the staging of Sukma every year, well what can we say other then the fact your Ministry wants to usurp the power of every national sports association and turn NSC from being a body to look into high performance sports to a travel and event management company.

And before I forget Sir, hosting Sukma costs money right? So how come suddenly the NSC has funds to do this but questions spending just over a million to test some 70,000 kids nationwide?