Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yet another year has passed but nothing much has been achieved in Malaysian sports internationally. While everyone claims that they have the best interest of sports in the hearts, the fact of the matter is they have their hearts set out to make as much as they can from sports. The industry sucks and gone are the days when sports journos exposed scams that were meant to take the Malaysian public for a ride. While it started with a few so called international personalities out to suck our country dry, well it is Malaysian who are at it this time around. But why should I begrudge them as if those fool enough to part with the money see no wrong in doing so, who am I to take offence? Other then the fact that its OUR money that is being used, you and me who pay taxes, without fail for others to enjoy.

The only thing we can do about any of the big sports stories is watch and cheer - or jeer - and hope. But we can make a difference in our little personal spheres. We can do the right thing. We can aspire to be better.

With that in mind, I begin 2008 with the following intentions:

1. That the Cabinet Committee for Sports digs up what was decided in the first meeting held on November 8, 2004 especially in matters connected to the Education Ministry. Amongst things that were proposed and agreed upon was that the school fields be open to public usage once a week, utilising the ex-internationals to coach school athletes, ensuring that the focus is on Core Sports and not 19 sports as preached now.

2. That the Minister of Youth & Sports initiates a meet the National Sports Association session, without the presence of his officers so that he can find out from himself what is the true picture.

3. That the NSC stops interferring into the affairs of the National Sports Associations and get more qualified and experienced personnel to run sports.

4. That the Olympic Council of Malaysia pushes for the rating system to be implemented and also give serious thoughts to the amendments to the Sports Development Act.

5. That the FAM finally realises that the MSL without foreign players was a bad decision.

6. That the BAM finally sorts out its sponsorship now that Datuk Nadzmi wears both hats, BAM and Proton. He could learn from someone how to be an expert on the conflict of interest issue.

7. That a former friend of mine finally realises that race and politics will get him no where and learn from mistakes he has made and appreciates the help he has received.

8. That MHF President Tengku Mahkota of Pahang does actually make a bid to stand for the AFC President.

9. That Khairy Jamaluddin wins the UMNO Youth Presidency with Dato Razali Ibrahim as the number two.

10. That Dato Ibrahim saad makes it to the UMNO Supreme Council.

11. That the Sports Commissioner finally reads the provisions of the Sports Development Act.

12. That hockey makes it to the 2010 World Cup through the two attempts they have.

13. That Sathianathan finally realises that on the surface all is not right and walks with his back against the wall at all times.

14. That the Fat Boy in football bites the dust as he is the cause of the AFC and FAM fallout.

15. That finally Selangor, coached by my friend K. Devan, wins the Malaysia Cup, be continued later tonite