Monday, June 27, 2011


Seems the Sports Industry are minting money but not for the nation but rather for the overseas market.

Ever heard the phrase that the prophet is never believed on his own land? Well that is so true in this aspect.

It is learnt that a foreign institution has been awarded a sub-contract ( remember the key word is sub-contract) to conduct a study on the state of the various national sports associations.

The main contract was awarded to a company for a cool RM6 million.

The irony is we have several institutions in the country quite capable of conducting similar studies and I quote - UM, UiTM, UPM and UPSI. So why were they not considered?

And talking about studies in NSA's, something to this effect was done in 2005 but never saw the light of the day as it was considered too damaging to NSC at that time.

Interested in a copy of that report Mr. DG of NSC or Right Honorable Sports Minister? Gimme a tinkle or get your Teh Tarik guys to contact me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

'S'pore wouldn't have won the M'sia Cup if not for him'

HE HAS been anointed the kelong king after his global trail match-fixing made the headlines that have rocked the game of football.

But it's a title that Wilson Raj Perumal doesn't want.

Instead, he insists that the crown belongs to fellow Singaporean match-fixer Rajendran "Pal" Kurusamy (pictured above) who have previously been convicted and is currently awaiting trial in Malaysia for seven corruption charges related to football.

In a series of four letters to The New Paper last week, Wilson Raj alleged that if it were not for Rajendran, Singapore would not have won the Malaysia Cup in 1994.

Read the full story in The New Paper

Friday, June 17, 2011


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See how we go to great lengths to promote the country, and not even with tax payers money.


CARDIFF CITY have turned down a number of sponsorship deals to wear the name "Malaysia" on their new kit for next season.

Chief executive Gethin Jenkins said the Bluebirds had chosen to turn down prospective offers from UK sponsors to show the club's affinity with the country of their Malaysian investors.

The club said it wanted to show its bond with the 1Malaysia campaign - which promotes unity within diverse cultures in the country, along with improving football connections with the start of the 1Malaysia Cardiff City Grassroots Academy in Kuala Lumpur.

Jenkins said: "The club had some very attractive shirt sponsorship options to link up with a number of commercial partners and brands in the UK and abroad, but after speaking with our investors and knowing the commitment from Vincent Tan and TG, we knew that the best way to highlight our affinity with Malaysia was to wear the message with pride on our kits this season.

"The bond between Cardiff City FC and Malaysia will be evident throughout the season, something that has already been fully embraced by our supporters over the last twelve months and more. We are all looking forward to maximising this sponsorship and further sharing much between both countries over the coming season."

"Features and events on our ever improving links with MALAYSIA will be run over coming months, highlighting the excellent work being undertaken by our Academy in the country, plus much more.

A statement on the club's website said: "We are also pleased to include the popular yellow and white stripes at the top of the shirt, while also presenting a classic looking kit that we are sure all Cardiff City supporters will enjoy."

Monday, June 13, 2011


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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The National Sports Council stands accused of gross interference with regards to the administration of a national sports body, a charge they cannot deny.

Having first started as an agency to assist in achieving success in high performance sports, NSC today is nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Yes the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU) or by the many other names my fellow bloggers have given it, are  also at fault in this whole doping issue, two faults do not make a right.

We are well aware of the politics being played by two individuals in this mess and the media just love the smell of blood and have been playing up the stories which has given sports a bad name internationally.

And what surprises me more is the prolonged silence on the part of the Right Honourable Sports Minister who seems to steer clear of the mess, letting his Deputy Minister issue an ultimatum to MAAU.

Was there not a Sports Advisory Panel that the Minister could refer the matter to? What has become of this independent commission that could have not only investigated the issue with clout but also get into solving the impasse between NSC and MAAU?

Both Dato Zolkples Embong and Karim Ibrahim have to take a look at themselves in the mirror and ask they see themselves as the saviours for sports, in this case athletics?

The sport could well do without these characters if its an ego trip that they are after. In the case of Karim, he has accused the NSC DG of trying to get him out of MAAU via the electoral process.

And for Dato Zolkples, the only exitis an early retirement as Karim cannot get the Ministry to remove the DG just because he does not like his face.

This charade will continue until the demarcation of responsibilities is not done and the sports scenario is not rid of power crazy personalities that could not care a damn for the ir-repairable damage they doing towards the image of Malaysian sports.

Would have been easier if this was a boxing association problem, for we could put the duo into the ring and ask them to beat the daylights out of each other.

And maybe we could get an event company to secure that rights and outsource it to Don King as in the case of a study being undertaken. More of that in the next blog posting.