Thursday, October 20, 2016

OKS Dream Team but.....

National coach Dato Ong Kim Swee will name his training squad for the AFF Cup on Friday.

But not many surprises are expected as Kim Swee has a limited choice of players to chose from.

The question is has Kim Swee the liberty to pick who he feels can contribute to the national team or are his hands tied by circumstances that you and I can only assume as no one will go on record.

Let's assume that all players are available, no "retirements" no injuries, no prevention or conditions attached, and all players are available to do national Colours.

So having looked at what Kim Swee has fielded so far this year, these are the players that rightfully should be in the list to be released tomorrow.

Gk - Izham Termizi, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat and khairul Azhan

DF - Fazly, Nazirul, S. Kunanlan, Matthew Davies, Aidil Zafuan, Sharom Kamal, Fadhli Shahs, Shahrul,

MF - Azrif, Christie, Chanthuru, Safiq, Brendan, Baddrol, Amirul Hadi, Zaquan Abdul Radzak, Junior Eldstal, Hadin Azman.

Now this is what I will call a dream team. There are players like Christie and Brendan who are injured and cannot make it.

But others are there and not all will be in the list to be released tomorrow.

If Malaysian Football wants to rise from the ashes, then the best should play and not only those who are allowed to play.

Let's wait and see how many make it.

ST - Hazwan Bakri, Norshahrul, Darren Lok.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is volunteerism dead in sports?

Is volunteerism in sports dead in this country?

Must all be paid for services rendered?

Have we  become so obsessed with money that  we

forget the fundamentals of being involved in sports?

No we are not going to talk about the rewards that have been showered upon Athletes that won medals at the recent Olympics and Paralympics.

They deserve what they got as that is what was promised to them.

Whether paying pension to those still active is debatable, we shall leave it at that.

It came as a shock to learn that the 2017 Sea Games Chef De Mission draws a monthly allowance from the National Sports Council.

This is unprecedented and can we expect the same for all Chef De Missions of future multi sports events?

Preparation of Athletes is no longer a priority as one sport not only does not have a training centre but were only offered RM1,500 per month to get one whereas Athletes of another sport receive RM2,000 as training allowance!

Then there is the case of the Board Members of a certain body collecting a monthly allowance.

In actual fact that should only receive meeting allowances and not a monthly allowance.

This was pointed out in an audit report and has now been corrected but some not too happy with it.

But will they return the money that was wrongly paid out?

Then we have the composition of the Boards of two bodies.

It should really comprise of those with no vested interest in these two bodies so as not to influence policy decisions that favour their Athletes.

But this is not the case and we will leave it to the powers that be to continue mess up our sports.

After all they are considered as gods gift to our sports so who are we mere mortals to raise anything on cronyism and nepotism !

Saturday, October 08, 2016

No win situation for OKS

" I am in a no win situation. When we lose, I get criticised, we draw I get questioned. And when we lose I get hammered. Well this is the stark reality of being a national coach."

Those were the first few words of national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee the morning after Malaysia and Singapore played to a scoreless draw at the National Stadium in Singapore.

The knives were out barely minutes after the game ended, as some claimed that Malaysia were "boring" played " ugly" or lack "imagination" while on the pitch.

While Kim Swee was peeved, he could not be the least bothered by snide remarks.

" Singapore had their best players available at their disposal. Are we in the same boat. Let's look at the scenario as a whole and not only what suits certain personalities," said Kim Swee when contacted in Singapore.

" We are trying to build a team here, starting from scratch and I am proud of the grit, determination, character of the players as some were thrown in the deep end and gave a good account of themselves.

" Had we played an open game we would have been torn apart as happened against Indonesia.

" I will play according to the strength of our team and plan a strategy against the teams we face.

" In the end it's the results that matter and I will carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability."

Malaysia were largely defensive as midfielder Badrol Bakhtiar opted to be more defensive and Irfan Fazail gave away possession too easily.

And upfront skipper Amri Yahya and Hazuan Bakri found it tough to find any decent openings.

But it was the Defence that held its own and came showed character.

" We spent that four days of training on Defence and I am happy it worked out," said Kim Swee.

" Now we face Afghanistan on Tuesday and the game plan needs to change. It has to be effective rather then pretty as the opponents have stronger physical attributes."

Kim Swee was pleased with the way the debutants played although they were nervous in the initial stages of the match.

But it was the few minutes that veteran Nor Shahril Idlan Talala had on the pitch that warmed the coaches heart.

" He gave us a different dimension as his ability to hold the ball and create openings gave the players confidence in the late stages of the match," said Kim Swee.

" It is commitment such as that displayed by him that I want the younger and inexperienced players to emulate."  

Kim Swee will hit the training ground this evening with 17 players that did not travel to Singapore or play that match.

And the next 48 hours will be used to cone up with a game plan against the Afghans, with result orientated being his priority no matter what the crunch potato critics may say.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

OKS Unfazed With Criticism

Undeterred and unfazed.

That aptly describes how national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee reacted to the criticism hurled to him over his coaching ability.

The Malacca born was as cool as a cucumber, opting to talk more about the enthusiasm shown by the trainees in the national team then let some unsustained claims affect his demure.

" Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to me I have a job to do and have no time to think about these type of distractions" said Kim Swee.

" The personal attacks will not stop no matter what I do or say and it started from the very first day I assumed the job as national coach.

" My duty is to train the team and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

" The players are well aware of the situation and when they take the field they do not play for themselves or for me, rather they play for the country.

" My response is simple - it does not bother me one bit what others think, I work with sincerity and carry out my responsibilities to the nation. 

" I think the fans that know Football realise what the actual situation is.

" And as far as comparison between local and foreign coaches, just take a look at the facts, it tells its own story."

It is however ironic that the criticism on the ability of Kim Swee cane from a club that probably has hired the most of players that were groomed by Kim Swee.

Among those who don the jerseys ofJDT and were groomed by Kim Swee are Izham Tarmizi     , Sasikumar, Mahali Jasuli, Gary Steven, Azrif Nasrulhaqand Fadhli Shas .

It does not just stop there as in JDT 11 one can identify players like Amer Saidin, Irfan Fazail, Fandi Othman and Syazwan Andik as former Kim Swee charges.

The coach knows that the matches against Singapore and Afghanistan will put him under the microscope once again but has faith in his players.

" I have a decision to make, as to who I would field against Singapore and also get a positive result," said Kim Swee.

" I believe that FAM had Abd continues to have faith in me and I intend to Prive my worth by getting positive results on the pitch

" I need to have the core team ready for the AFF Cup as I cannot live in having to play a guessing game on who will be available or not.

" I believe in my players and trust me when I say I see desire to do well in their eyes."