Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well going by what is reported in the NST today, Dec 24, 2008, that is precisely what the President of Lawn Tennis association of Malaysia is indicating. Read the article below to make your own conclusion.
But I tend to disagree if we take hockey into account as the NSC has now gone beyond what they were set up to do. For how would one explain the presence of a senior NSC official who sits in the MHF Management Committee, something out of the ordinary for Malaysian sports for Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad never did that during his tenure. Not only is the move unconstitutional, but highly irregular but then again NSC can do as they wish as they hold the purse to Malaysian sports right.
OLYMPIC sports tennis, canoe and kayaking have been thrown out from the 2010 Malaysia Games in Malacca, a move which does not augur well for their development.
In fact, the Malaysia Games supreme council's decision to not consider these sports goes against the government's policy of giving priority to Olympic events. Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) president Datuk Abdul Razak Latiff described the decision makers as 'clueless' on which direction to take in promoting Olympic sports."These people just know how to talk but I doubt they have a proper plan in place. I'm rather upset with the supreme council's decision on turning down tennis as I thought the Malaysia Games is a platform for promoting Olympic sports," said Abdul Razak yesterday."I suppose there are conflicting strategies and maybe politics over this matter. I really hope these people know what they are doing."
The supreme council threw out appeals from LTAM, FA of Malaysia (FAM) and the Terengganu government for tennis, futsal, canoe and kayaking to be included in the 2010 Games. NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong stated that these four sports were not considered due to budget constraints and the lack of facilities.Abdul Razak said tennis development will be affected. "Funding for tennis will be less, especially in the states. However, the association will continue developing the game and hopefully sponsors will still be interested in funding tournaments," he said.