Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Many may not have realized this, but the man who actually groomed Lee Chong Wei into a world beater was Li Mao.

And the Chinese coach, who severed ties with the Indonesian BA before the Olympics is in town negotiating a contract with a club, not KLRC.

Li Mao worked with Chong Wei after the latter was first identified by Morten Frost Hansen after which his skills were polished by the late Indra Gunawan.

It was Li Mao who then put the final touches to make Chong Wei a complete player before he left due to differences with BAM.

Li Mao arrived in Kuala Lumpur last week and is on the verge of signing a contract with the club, and what a boost for Independant players as thy can now seek his expertise.

The lesson learnt here is simple, unlike BAM who made such a big fanfare about resigning Park Joo Bong till it fell flat on their faces, as the Korean now stands accused of playing BAM, a club was more professional then the national body.

I had kept this news for the past week, hoping some badminton enthusiast will break the news, but this is a Christmas present to all.

Though yet to sign on the dotted line, Li Mao was said to have started training some players late last week.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Their achievement in making the final of the 3rd World Cup will cost the government a bundle of money.

And even if they lose to India, they are assured of incentives under the Shakam, the sports incentive scheme that is under the jurisdiction of the National Sports Council.

And the Olympic Council of Malaysia could well nominate them for the team of the year.

But above all the Minister of Youth and Sports and his merry men will be at KLIA awaiting the arrival of the team with garlands, and in the process gain vital political mileage.

The only problem is other then the fact they wear the Jalur Gemilang with pride that BAM ditched, there is nothing Malaysian about the women's team calling themselves Malaysia at the Kabbadi World Cup in Jalandhar India.

Still the event telecast live in India has put Malaysia on the world map and the Tourism Ministry could not have come up with a better way to promote Malaysia in the eyes of the Indian public.

Lets hope they win the final and at least we have a world champion besides Nocol David.

And OCM still not late to give the Women Sport Achievement award to these girls instead of an undeserving person who has no respect for the pain suffered by a person of the same gender.


Since three persons of the MHC Competitions Committee have made baseless accusations, I hereby go one step further to expose their lack of concern towards hockey by releasing the long overdue competitions schedule for 2013.

There seems to be a tendency to hold a women's tournament similar to the men's, and this will put a heavy burden on the finances of MHC.

-Malaysian Junior Hockey League - 11th Jan – 3rd March

-Malaysian Hockey League – 22nd March – 12th May

-National Under 16 (M) – 22 March – 31st March

-National Under 16 (W) – 22 March – 31st March

-RNA Cup (W) – 15th April – 21st April

-National Under 21 (M) – 18th May – 25th May

-National Under 21 (W) – 18th May – 25th May

-MSSM (M&W) – 3rd June – 8th June

-Razak Cup – 7th September – 15th September

-National Indoor (M&W) 2nd October – 4th October

-MSN Under 16 Indoor (M&W) 7th November – 10th November

-National Under 14 (M) 18th November – 27th November

-National Under 14 (W) 18th November – 27th November

-National Veterans 28th November – 1st December

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



The Badminton Association of Malaysia never admitted that they put money over nation as they have yet to explain the case of the missing Malaysian flag on the attire of their players.

And yet non Malaysians are proud to wear the Malaysian flag, so much so a group of Indian kabaddi players formed a Malaysian team to participate in the World Cup. Read that story below.

So while our very own Malaysian body is somewhat ashamed to wear the national flag with pride, we can see that others have no issue displaying the Jalur Gemilang with utmost pride.

So has OCM have a 45th affiliate or are these kabaddi players specially funded under the Ministry of Youth and Sports who it is learnt are he'll bent on taking over the role of funding sports in the country?

And has anyone checked on the fact that KBS is now privatizing a lot of facilities that were built and managed by NSC in the past?

So in the spirit of Christmas, will BAM and KBS come clean on this?....,Read and enjoy.

The ongoing circle Kabaddi World Cup has attracted a myriad of teams from Asia, Europe and even South America.

But the fact that the organisers have allowed a team of Indian players masquerading as a foreign team certainly does not augur well for a tournament seeking legitimacy in the sporting world.

The so-called Malaysian women’s team at the championships is made up of mainly Indian citizens who are working or studying or just visiting Malaysia. The team is not entered by either of the two recognised national kabaddi bodies in the country – Malaysia Kabaddi Federation or the Kabaddi Association of Malaysia.

It is learnt that the so-called team led by an official from Punjab had forged a letterhead of a non-existent kabaddi association in Malaysia to enter the team for the tournament.

Just how the organisers allowed such a travesty take place is beyond anyone’s reasoning. Was there no verification of players’ eligibility carried out by the organisers?

That they allowed a group of non citizens to claim they represent Malaysia and use the flag is scandalous. The Malaysian government is not likely to take this lightly as it is learnt that an official protest is expected to be made to the Indian Embassy by the kabaddi fraternity in Malaysia.

How will the Indian government react if a group of foreign students or workers decides to represent India in a major international competition without legitimate recognition?

Or will the organisers of the next edition of the World Cup bring in more illegitimate teams like this and cheat the public and themselves, just so they have many teams participating?

If the Malaysian team at the World Cup is a farce, the question that needs to be asked is whether the other teams in competition were also similarly constituted.

Circle kabaddi is not a popular form of kabaddi in Malaysia. Almost all competitions in the country are in the National (Asian) Style. While Beach Kabaddi is also played in Malaysia, Circle kabaddi is still played predominantly by Indian expatriates in Malaysia.

This is a major mismanagement by the relevant parties and must be nipped in the bud. The previous editions of the World Cup were tainted by doping and this latest bungle does not help the sport.

Perhaps the Indian Sports Ministry should look into this seriously and also ensure that the organisers and the fake team apologise to Malaysia.

Read more:

Monday, December 10, 2012


The BMW Malaysia National Circuit Masters 2012 is set to serve up end to end tennis action from the next generation of Malaysian tennis stars. The tournament will take place from Tuesday, 11th to Sunday,16th December 2012 at the Kompleks Tenis Tun Razak, Jalan Duta. 

The Masters competition is the culmination of all the BMW Malaysian National Circuit competition legs during the 2012 calendar year and will see Malaysian tennis’ top ranked Malaysian men and women players face off in the various Age Groups, namely Open, 16U and 14U. 

The results of this final Open Category will determine the female members eligible for the wildcard entries to the BMW Malaysian Open and also selection to other international events by Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) like the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, WJTC, SEA Games and other Regional Games. The Masters also carries the honour of being one of the LTAM’s key platforms to select the 2013 Malaysian Elite Squad.

Throughout the 2012 competition year, over 600 aspiring tennis players competed in the BMW Malaysian National Circuit 2012 which consisted of four legs of open competition with anyone over the age of 14 eligible for entry. 

A maximum of 128 male and 64 female players participated in each of the legs of the two-tier knock-out competition, competing for a prize purse of MYR 30,000 per leg. Each leg of the BMW Malaysian National Circuit also carried Malaysian ranking points to determine the player’s Malaysian ranking to qualify for this BMW Malaysia National Circuit Masters 2012. 

No stranger to the sport of tennis, the BMW Group has had a long standing involvement in the sport of tennis around the world and headlines leading events including the BMW Open in Munich, Germany. 

In Malaysia, the premium automaker is the title sponsor of the leading ladies professional event in the country, the BMW Malaysian Open, which is sanctioned by the Women’s Tennis Association and continues to drive the growth of the game at the local level. 

Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications, BMW Group Malaysia said, “The BMW Malaysia National Circuit continues to be a clear reflection of our commitment to the sport of tennis across the full spectrum of participation levels amateur to professional here in Malaysia. It is an authentic approach which is shared across all the sporting initiatives the BMW Group is involved in which include Golf, Motorsports and Sailing.”

Ambi added that BMW Malaysia will continue to drive the nation’s passion, awareness and acceptance of the game of tennis in the country and at the same time provide the competitive environment that will allow leading Malaysian players to continuously develop their skill and expand their experience to an international level.

BMW Group Malaysia also further announced that the premium carmaker will extend its commitment to the BMW Malaysian National Circuit with a further five legs in 2013, including the Masters. Each of the 2013 legs of the BMW Malaysian National Circuit will again carry a prize-purse of RM 30,000 and Malaysian ranking points. 

The top 16 Malaysian players will then compete against each other in the round-robin Masters to determine their Malaysian ranking and selection into the National Squad for the following year.

Malaysia’s Minister for Youth and Sports, YB Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said, “ It is gratifying to see both the LTAM and organizations like BMW working together to enhance the sport of tennis in Malaysia by providing international level tennis locally for our budding players to compete.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports has always encouraged private and corporate organizations alike to support the development of sports in the country. It is crucial that we have enough programs in place to develop future sportsman to represent Malaysia. Tennis is now becoming a more popular sport among our youth and we already have some players that have shown tremendous potential.

With this Masters, we are really looking forward to seeing the next generation of tennis stars born and the makings of a strong solid National Squad that will do Malaysia proud.” 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


"Wisdom is the chief and leader: next follows temperance; and from the union of these two with courage springs justice. These four virtues take precedence in the class of divine goods.” Plato, The Laws, Bk. I, 631.
But in a cut-throat, competitive world where money is worshipped and monetary success is becoming the all-important yardstick for a life well-lived, are morals becoming an unnecessary hindrance? 

Or are fair-play and merit still important in the office and off the pitch?

Sports are a big part of culture across the world and often play an important role in our lives - whether one participates at the professional level or in pick-up games or watches sports on TV.

It is commonly said that sports build character, but we hear more and more accounts of un-sportsmanlike, unethical, and even illegal conduct at all levels of administration and competition.

Levels of competition has increased in recent times but I do not see that as the reason for the decline in values. 

On the contrary, competition propels you to upgrade yourself all the time, which in turn is useful for the welfare of the society.

The saga of Park Joo Bong went on to emphasise just how unprofessional and unethical the badminton administrators in the countrey have become.

Trying to pich someone who is still legally in contreact and enticing him with a lucrative deal went on to show that ignorance and arrogance have a major role to play towards destroying the very essence sports is played in the first place - as rules of Fair Play are chucked out of the window.

Then you hear of the fact that BAM just whimpered when an NSC official told them that not under any circumstances can the BAM look at appointing a former sports official into their stable.

Now if the NSC officer had actually said it, then BAM should have had the scrotal gumption to say "do not interefere". But it maybe due to the fact that BAM created such an excuse. So who is telling the truth? Frankly there are good story tellers in both organisations.

BAM has more twists then Dallas, Petticoat Junction and Dynasty put together. Right from the Olympic failures they have just gone arounmd promising heaven and earth.

The simplest thing for them to do is pack up and leave.

Monday, November 05, 2012


While describing the technique of archery in Eugen Herrigel's classic Zen and the Art of Archery, the Zen master states: 

“The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede.” 

This is the best way to achieve your goal—a dissociated state of awareness. 

Winning is secondary. What matters is whether you are aware of your goal and how you are going to achieve it.

Ask any psychologist and he will tell you that the mind is a strange machine. 

It records everything that ever happened in your life and stores all the images for posterity. 

And this storehouse provides the sportsperson mental strength and a positive frame of mind. 

To play well, you must visualize all the positive games you have played before the big day. 

This conditions the reflexes to react accordingly. Imagery allows the player to practice and prepare for events and eventualities he can never expect to train for in reality.

Too often these individuals have thrived despite of the system or relied on a chance encounter with an exceptional coach. 

We can no longer rely on chance and goodwill. We need to learn the lessons of our competitor nations and have the most professional system for talent development and support of excellence. 

It is virtually impossible to give tips on the state of sporting nirvana, as it were. 

But the definition that probably comes closest can be found in these words of Herrigel’s Zen master: 

“You can learn from an ordinary bamboo leaf what ought to happen. It bends lower and lower under the weight of snow. Suddenly the snow slips to the ground without the leaf having stirred... So, indeed, it is: when the tension is fulfilled, the shot must fall, it must fall from the archer like snow from a bamboo leaf, before he even thinks of it.”

Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is what BAM said some two weeks ago when the issue of the missing flag was highlighted in Harian Metro.

But watching the live telecast of the Danish Open Final showed clearly that the flag was still missing, perhaps now it will be another lie to cover the incompetency.

BAM akui tersilap

Oleh Mohd Hilmie Hussin

PERSATUAN Badminton Malaysia (BAM) mengaku berlaku kesilapan teknikal berikutan ketiadaan Jalur Gemilang di jersi pemain negara yang beraksi di kejohanan antarabangsa.

Pengurus Besar BAM, Kenny Goh berkata, bendera negara sepatutnya dilekatkan di dada pemain dan beliau akan memastikan Jalur Gemilang kembali mendapat tempat di setiap jersi pemain negara.

“Kami akan letak kembali bendera negara, cuma di Terbuka Taiwan kami tidak sempat untuk mencetak bendera,” kata Kenny yang memberi jaminan perkara itu tidak berulang.

Pada Terbuka Taiwan berakhir kelmarin, tidak ada seorangpun pemain BAM menyarung jersi yang tertera bendera negara.

Hal ini juga berlaku di Terbuka Jepun yang menyaksikan Datuk Lee Chong Wei muncul juara tapi tidak lagi mengucup bendera di dada sebagaimana sering dilakukannya ketika meraih setiap gelaran.

Suffice to say some are too free to criticize this blog via another blog. Go ahead and do what low life people do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Just a few days after the National Union of Journalists raised the issue of intimidation of sports journalists, we can now reveal that a journalist has received a letter of demand from a sports official that has close links with the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

The letter of demand was received yesterday and although the details are still sketchy, it is apparently on an article the journalist wrote with regards to preferential treatment received by some badminton players.

The plaintiff who has close ties with two top BAM officials is obviously peeved at what was written and this comes in wake of the two BAM officials having somewhat issued veiled threats against journalists last month.

This culture of issuing letter of demands for defamation against sports journalists is bad for sports as it is sports that will eventually lose out as there will no longer be reports of critical thinking or analysis thus rendering sports coverage to just results of events.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Only Safee Sali can help himself to get out of the current mess he is and in reality its a decision that he has to make on his own.

The Football Association of Malaysia Deputy President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said that it was Safee to make the right decisions to overcome the impasse.

He said this when posed a question with regards to the position of Safee at a press conference during the launch of Pahang Hockey 5 year development program.

"FAM did not make a mistake, who said FAM made a mistake," retorted Tengku Abdullah.

"Safee in a situation where he is fully aware that he is playing in a league that is said to be not sanctioned by the Indonesian FA.

"It is a critical situation and he was well aware of the risks he undertook and the consequences of playing in such a league. He has a contract and needs to get out of the contract. That is his choice as we at FAM do not curtail a player seeking fortunes elsewhere.

" I tried to save the situation on a personal note and hopefully he will not be banned and through efforts undertaken. He is a victim of the circumtances but self inflicted."

On Peter Butler, Tengku Abdullah said he was unawares of the fact that FAM had turned down the appeal and will leave it to FAM to resolve the issue.

Friday, October 12, 2012


The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) calls on the National Sports Council and national sports associations to stop intimidating sports writers by sending legal notice for publishing unfavourable
reports about them.

The reporters, just like journalists operating in other beats, are carrying out their public duties to serve their audience, be it readers, viewers or listeners.

They carry public interest stories as the development of sports are closely followed by the young and old.

The government allocates funds to develop and promote sports events and journalists have the right to expose wrong doings and mismanagement.

The NUJ believe sports writers and their media organisations subscribe to fair reporting which includes giving aggrieved parties the right to reply.

The practice of sending notice of demand to critical sports writers tantamount to intimidating them from pursuing investigative reporting.

We assure sports writers that the NUJ will spring into action, including defend their right to carry out their duties free from harassment.

Our call is in response to two former Malay Mail reporters who have been issued letters of demand by the NSC for stories published last year and this year.

One of the reports is a subject matter in court now.

We have also received feedbacks that reporters occasionally received legal notices but the aggrieved parties did not pursue further like filing legal suits.

Thank you.

V. Anbalagan
General Secretary
National Union of Journalists

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Contrary to what is being said and written, Dato Lee Chong Wei will tie the knot with Wong Mew Choo on November 10.

And he will make details of the wedding known soon.

Chong Wei clarified that arrangements are being made and a more detailed program will be announced at a Press Conference soon.

" Bro, I will have a press conference soon about details on my wedding. The date is November 10 and not as what they are saying everywhere else. Hope you can help clarify this," said Chong Wei.

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Well it sure looks like that. Just look at the picture above and tell me where is the Jalur Gemilang? It was watching the Taiwan Open on TV that got me asking the missing Jalur Gemilang on the playing attire of the Malaysian players at international events.

The Badminton World Federation allows five adverts on the front of the playing attire and looking at the attire one can see that all five are given to sponsors - Yonex. Maxis, Maybank, Astro and Proton.

So I guess its perfectly okay to ignore the Jalur Gemilang and place sponsors. just how much money do you need BAM? After all isn't the government the biggest contributor - via funding from the National Sports Council.

So why ignore them. Make public please the amount that BAM gets from all the sponsors and from the government. Then we must rationalise the return of investment both for the private and public sectors.

Over to you BAM, not that I expect you to answer as transparency was never your strongpoint.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


"I believe in the justice system in the country and I maintain I have not defamed anyone. Therefore I should no be persecuted as such."

Those were the words of Olympic Council of Malaysia Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi who was issued a letter of demand by lawyers representing the National Sports Council.

Thius blog yesterday revealed about an official being issued a letter of demand or risk facing an allegation of defamation and Kok Chi confirmed that he was the person who was alleged to have uttered statements that NSC deemed as defamatory.

The action by the National Sports Council against Kok Chi has the blessings of the Minister of Youth and Sports.

However informed sources within NSC has revealed that it was initiated by an officer that harbours hopes of replacing Dato Seri Zolkples Embong as the Director General and bears a deep grudge against Kok Chi of late.

Whatever it is, in the end both NSC and OCM have their respective roles to play and thus both Kok Chi and Zolkples ought to sit over a cup of coffee and talk things over.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


EXCLUSIVE: Many have tried but failed to get newly elected MAU President Dato Zainal Abidin Haji Ahmad to speak up after he was elected to the hot seat of President some two weeks ago. This blog managed to get in touch with Dato Zainal and he agreed to provide some answers to questions posed, both via email and over the phone.

Having known Dato Zainal since 1993, I must vouch for his sincerity and credibility and love for athletics. No doubt it will take him time to overcome the issues, but what matters is that he will do things with conviction, as he has a 33 years unblemished civil service record to fall back upon.

Read on the exclusive interview:

Note: For those who desire to lift the quotes from here, please feel free to do so but contact the blogger for permission.

SSD: What made you go for the President's post at MAU given the fact that as a former civil servant with 33 years of service with an impeccable record you were wading into dangerous though not unchartered waters?
DZ: My observation is that MAU is not doing well and I felt, with my experience the last 45 years, I can try to put things right after I discovered no one is being nominated for the post! Now that I am given the opportunity, I want to give the association the leadership it requires and to better manage it. The rest will follow. To do this I need the support of all members in the Council, the government and the public sector. With everybody's cooperation we will turn around the association.  

SSD: Please share with us your service record in athletics as you have had years of involvement in different capacities.

DZ: I was elected as the Secretary of the Negeri Sembilan Amateur Athletics Association (NSAAA) in 1967 and served for 4 years. Was Vice President from 1972 – 1980 and Deputy President from 1980 – 1992. From 1992, until the present, I have been the President of the NSAAA. During the same period, I was appointed Secretary of the Negeri Sembilan Majlis Kebajikan dan Sukan Anggota-Anggota Kerajaan in charge of twelve sports including athletics. Was also appointed as a council member of the Malaysian MKSAK during the same time and became the sub-committee Chairman for athletics, badminton and sepak takraw. I was also an athlete , a state champion, and represented the State in the sprints, hurdles and the State relay teams from 1965 – 1968. At the national level,  was the Acting Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) from 1969 – 1972, and, then, Vice President from 1980 – 2001. I was also the Coaching Chairman from 1979 – 1990 and, at various times, was also Chairman of the Selection Committee in MAAU. All these took place when the late Tun Ghazali Shaffie was the President of MAAU. In December 2007, was appointed as the Chef de Mission to the 24th Sea Games in Thailand.  Before that, had been the Team Manager of the national track and field teams to the 1972 Olympic Games, 1978 Asian Games, 1998 Commonwealth Games and the SEA Games in 1971, 1977 and 2001. 

SSD: Tell us a little about Dato Zainal - the man?
DZ: I graduated from the University of Singapore with a BA in Economics and Geography in 1965 and, upon graduation, was appointed into the Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service (PTD). I was posted to Negeri Sembilan as Private Secretary to the Menteri Besar. This was followed by the appointment as the Assistant Commissioner of Land and Mines, Assistant State Secretary and Secretary to the Legislative Council until 1969. From 1970 until 1982, I served in Dakar, Washington D.C., Bangkok and Medan. I was the First Secretary at the Malaysian Embassy in Washington D.C., U.S.A., Counselor and Permanent Representative to ESCAP in the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Consul-General at the Malaysian Consulate in Medan, Indonesia.  During the same period, while in Malaysia, he held the post of Principal Assistant Secretary (Inspectorate), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1982 and, until 1987, served as the Under Secretary for the Scholarships Division and the External Affairs Division in the Ministry of Education.  From 1987 to 1993 was the Under Secretary for the Defence Industry Division and the Development Division in the Ministry of Defence.  Then, from mid-1993 to 1996, was seconded as the Director-General of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB). I married Tan Sri Nuraizah Abdul Hamid in 1972 and have three children. I retired from the civil service in 1996.

SSD: MAU has for more then a decade being in the press for the wrong reasons. How can you change the perception?

DZ: Perceptions can be changed if transparency is practiced. That is where I believe that my years in civil service will help me administer MAU better. But mind you it will take a huge effort and it will be the collective responsibility of all those associated with the sport. No one person can lay claim to better MAU and I surely do not intend to work for accolades but rather depend on the notion of shared responsibility.

SSD: The stigma of the alleged doping incident will continue to haunt MAU in the years to come. Had you been in the position earlier, would you have handled things differently?

DZ: One thing is certain, that both in the sports and the country's laws there are laws to punish doping/drug offenders. I believe that we need to respect the law and let nature take its course. Those who are guilty ought to face punishment in accordance with the laid out regulations. 

SSD: Everyone seems to offer a remedy for athletics without being able to pinpoint where actually we went wrong in the first place. Your diagnosis and prognosis of the current development imbalance?

DZ: That is so true as I have been reading and been told about the state of affairs in athletics, all the negative things but without any concrete solution. When I decided to offer myself as a candidate for the presidency, I already have a plan on how to go about improving things. But as I stated it is not something etched in stone and maybe others have better suggestions and can offer solutions. So I am practicing an open door policy, write to me, come see me in the office as anyone with suggestions to help the sport will be welcomed. We owe it to our nation to correct any flaws and improve sports, in this case athletics.

SSD: Administration of MAU is also under question as a strong administration reflects the ability of an association. Any changes in store?

DZ: I am a firm believer that employees should serve the government of the day - without fear or favour. Thus what I want is for employees, be it office staff or coaches to be apolitical, not to have any hidden agenda or serve any personalities but the sport itself. Changes are inevitable in any organisation but to what degree it is left to be seen.

SSD: How will you see MAU say in two years from now?

DZ: We have a tendency to judge success with the number of medals won rather then having a system in place that will eventually bear fruit. That is why I want to appeal to all, be it fans, media and officials as well as athletes to judge us on a wider perspective and not just medals. Athletics needs a revamp and it might take time to regain our lost glory. Two years may not be sufficient but I promise to do my level best to improve or better the image of MAU and try to achieve the desired results with the assistance of the fraternity.

Monday, October 01, 2012


The sports fraternity is abuzz with talk of sports officials, journalists and a newspaper being issued letter of demand by lawyers representing the National Sports Council.

Efforts to seek a response from the NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong proved futile as SMS went unanswered.

It is learnt that the letter of demands state defamation of NSC and some are even on statements made in May 2011.

More details to follow as a clarification from the office of the Minister of Youth & Sports is also being sought to find out why NSC has resorted to such action.



Dato Zainal Abidin Haji Ahmad, the newly elected President of Malaysian Athletic Union has been in the hot seat for about two weeks.

He shares with this blog exclusively his thoughts on the state of the sport, his plans and solutions.


A little about Dato Zainal.

Dato’ Zainal has had many years of involvement in sports and sports organisations at both the State and Federal levels.

Dato’ Zainal was elected as the Secretary of the Negeri Sembilan Amateur Athletics Association (NSAAA) in 1967 and served for 4 years. He was Vice President from 1972 – 1980 and Deputy President from 1980 – 1992. From 1992, until the present, he has been the President of the NSAAA.


A dear colleague Zulhilmi Supaat, the Sports Editor of Bernama passed away suddenly this morning at the Selayang Hospital.

I last met Zul at the London Olympics and he was rushing from venue to venue, trying his level best to provide coverage for the Malaysian public.

Normally a jovial person, Zul was somewhat reserved on this trip and we only met at the Wembley Arena, the venue for badminton.

It is still fresh in my mind when I covered the All England in 2004 in Birmingham with him. After the All England, Zul as well as Lukman Salleh (now Arena) and S. Selvam (now BWF) were planning to stay a night in London before catching their flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

I offered them a place to stay at my sister's and they accepted. The next day all of us went to downtown London and Zul was in his jovial self, as he cracked jokes, and even my family was happy with his mannerism.

From then on whenever our paths crossed, Zul started calling me the Mayor of London, for he was happy to have been able to see London in a day.

My friend, you are no more with us today, as your maker loves you more. You will be missed and my heartfelt condolences to your family.

May you rest in peace dear friend. God bless your soul.

Note: His remains are at lot 8705, Jalan Nakhoda Kanan 2, Kampung Nakhoda, Batu Caves

Bernama Sports Desk Chief Zulhimi Dies

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Zulhilmi Supaat, head of the Sports Desk at the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama), died on Monday at Selayang Hospital. He was 44.

His widow, Noor Aidah Idris, 37, said Zulhilmi was admitted to the hospital last night after he complained of difficulty breathing. He died at 7.45 am.

Zulhimi leaves behind four children, Amir Fitri, nine, Alya Farisah, seven, Aina Farizah, six, and Akmal Fahmi, five.

He joined Bernama in 1992 and had covered various sports events in the country and abroad, including the recent Olympic Games in London, the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010, the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010 and the Thomas Cup badminton tournaments.

Zulhimi was also a committee member of the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM).

Sunday, September 30, 2012


The run up to the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association saw a high campaign intensity as the two camps made calls and sought out delegates from the 35 affiliated clubs.

And when the dust settled after the BGM today, there was no clear winner as it was what one would consider as a hung Parliament, with the camp headed by Dato Mohamad Norza Zakaria, the incumbent who retained his position, winning six seats while the challemgers led by businessman Datuk Ng Thin Huatt won five positions.

Norza staved off the challenge of Datuk Ng with a vote count of 46-33 with one spoilt vote, and that was the last position that was announced by the returning officer.

Besides the win by Norza, the only other comprehensive win was recorded by Treasurer Mohd taufik Haju Hussain who garnered 47 votes over his opponent Tirunavukarasu.

Former sectretary Mohamad Abdullah made a triumphant return albeit winning the position by one vote (41-40) over K. Gopal Krishnan as did newly elected deputy president A. Subramaniam who edged incumbent K.Samarasam by the same marging of victory.

The contest for the three vice presidents position saw four candidates Ismail majid, Ganesan, P. Arunachalam and Saliman Zainal all tied with 40 votes each while Dato Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos had 39 and incumbent Hon. Secretary Seluarize@Rajoo with 38.

In the end a ballot was done with the agreement of the floor and it saw Ismail dropping out of the list of Vice Presidents.

For the position of Council Members, the four voted in were K.Kanagaraja (44), Muthamil Maran ( 43) Neducheralathan (41) and Mohammad Iqbal (40). Goh Kaw Chin who also polled 40 votes gave way to Iqbal to avoid a revote.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Many a time I wonder if politicians know what they are talking about or even if they think they do, who actually provides them with wrong facts.

For example the badminton fraternity is suddenly all abuzz with the announcement of allocation for a badminton academy in Bukit Kiara.

The truth of the matter is that having an academy is an old story, not a new idea mooted by the current regime in charge at BAM.

Malaysia had an academy at Taman Maluri Cheras and that was closed down for no apparent reason, and to top it all it was a collaboration with Seri Garden, an international school.

Then in 1996 land was allocated behind the Police Training Centre in Cheras for a national training centre cum academy and this was at one time moved to the current sports centre in Kampung Pandan.

Next thing you know is land was allocated along the Kesas Highway and BAM started making all kind of statements about what it will contain and so forth.

Today BAM officials have stated how enthusiastic they are that the goverment has approved their request for the academy to be built in Bukit Kiara.

The moral of the story - it is an old idea, an old suggestion and its obvious that BAN does not have any inkling how to go about having an academy.

The same as how they have no inkling of building the next generation of players nor netting an Olympic gold or even winning a world championship title as lesser countries in badminton like USA and England have in their ranks world champions at one time or another.

So stop claiming credit and just vacate the positions if unable to produce results for the sport is not a family heirloom to be passed from one corporate figure to another as there is such a thing as clean and fail elections.

Unless of course some can be bought by a mere junket.....

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Next year will see a new competition for ASEAN Clubs, in the form of a league.

In revealing this, FAM Deputy President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said that both clubs and state teams from Malaysia could apply to join the league.

Hence the issue of signing on more foreign players should not arise. Tengku Abdullah said this when met after the launch of the Sultan Johor Cup Hockey Tournament in response to a question as to any changes to the current limit of two foreign players in the M-League.

"The AFF will be introducing an ASEAN League for clubs next year and I believe that they will be more open towards foreign players," said Tengku Abdullah.

"Actually it's a question of affordability and proper management as some of our teams can afford to sign more then two.

"Perhaps we ought to have a re-look at our regulations and increase the quota accordingly."

Talking about a re-look, Tengku Abdullah said that in Malaysia there is a tendency to resort to punishing rather then looking to resolve issues through discussions and understanding.

He said this when asked on the impasse between the Terengganu FA and their coach Peter Butler who has seen his contract terminated after being suspended for 6 months on frivolous charges.

"I view the development with concern as this could turn ugly and is not conducive for Malaysian football. We have regulations in place and have to look more deeply," said Tengku Abdullah.

"Butler has options available to him by taking this matter to international level and FAM has to view this matter seriously."

With regards to reports of Dato K. Rajagobal willing to make way should Malaysia fail to qualify for the Asia Cup in 2015, Tengku Abdullah quipped;

"Let us looks at how the team performs in the AFF Cup rather then talk about something that is years away. It is the current situation that we should look at and achieve results."

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Has Karim Ibrahim been exonerated from being accused of having a hand in doping athletes?

There have been conflicting news on this as a senior sports official said that Karim has been singled out in the report by the inquiry led by Tan Sri VC George.

The report was made available to MAU President Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim, OCM President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar and Karim himself this evening.

However Karim sounded relieved when he was contacted by this blog.

"I have handed the copy of the report to my lawyers and he will study to report in detail," Karim told this blog exclusively.

"I will now concentrate on the MAU elections and am relieved that all this is over.

"I am not able to say anything more except for the fact that my lawyer advised me I have nothing to be concerned about."

While not having access to the report, it is learnt that the panel had not made sufficient suggestions to improve towards non occurrence of such incidents.

It is also learnt that the written reports submitted by NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong and Shahidan were not considered as the duo were unable to attend the inquiry in person thus not giving Karim an opportunity to cross examine them.

More details tomorrow as the saga is Karim guilty or not continues.

Will there be a closure? Only time will tell as all parties should move on towards the betterment of athletics in the country.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The only thing that has seen changes as so far as the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is concerned is the newly paved road leading up to their headquarters at Bukit Kiara.

Gone is the bumpy ride but that was soon replaced with goose bumps when the BAM Exco meeting was over.

For the past week I have avoided commentating on BAM, leaving it to the wisdom of the main stream media. But I was startled when I heard that some members of the main stream media were threatened with legal action by two senior officials on what they had written.

Several media personalities I spoke to confirmed the threats, but I admire their guts for standing up to these personalities, letting their opinions be the judge of what reality is. I have always advocated that national associations should engage the media, but alas a threat is not the way.

Coming back to the Exco Meeting, as revealed by this blog two weeks ago, Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong will not be split, and that was the case as the Exco has now decided to keep the pair together until the World Championships next year, thats one year longer that the pair will play together.

I wonder what happened to the heart to heart talk and the outcome that the duo were agreeable to be split for the interest of badminton.

Mind you BAM President, as can be seen from the video above has made it clear that the pair remains as its their wish to stick together. And BAM has set a place in the final of World Champs as a pre-condition. Another silly target given that the duo were finalists in the 2010 World Championships.

There was tension in the air when the issue of the Ng sisters - Hui Lin/Hui Ern was brought up as to why being fulltime students they were still in the national team, enjoying the benefits when other professional players were left to fend for themselves.

Senator V. Subramanian, the Selangor BA President and a member of the EXCO admitted that it was a mistake of the part of BAM and the Exco assumed responsibility and such practices will be put to a stop right away. A bold statement indeed but then again will it be executed?

Dato Nadzmi also clarified that he never said that World Junior Champion Zulfadli Zulkifli was out of the 2016 Project Squad, but once again stopped short of saying that the youngster was in.

A Project Manager, to oversee three special Olympic projects, namely the 2016,2020 and 2024 will be appointed but when asked the time frame as to when, it was once again met with a stony silence and all those at the main table could not come out with an answer that made sense. 
Only one thing was certain, that it will be a Malaysian- no advertising but head hunting is what BAM will do, and importantly the person needs strong administrative skills - perhaps BAM is admitting that their current administration is not up to expectations.

Then we have three head coaches appointed - Rashid Sidek ( mens singles ), Wong Tat Meng ( women singles) and Tan Kim Her ( overall doubles ) thus making Rosman Razak the shortest ever Women Doubles head coach.

If there is one significant change, then it has to be that the Coaching and Training Committee wields more power then the Exco.

God help our badminton.

Man arrested over AFC 'theft' - lawyer

A man has been arrested over the alleged theft of documents from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, a lawyer told AFP early on Wednesday.

A man has been arrested over the alleged theft of documents from the Asian Football Confederation headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, a lawyer told AFP.

Tony Kang, husband of the body's former finance director Amelia Gan, surrendered himself to police, the AFC's legal counsel Mohamad Bustaman Abdullah said. Kang is expected to be charged in court in the Malaysian capital later.

Bustaman did not detail the documents' contents but he said he believed they were "quite relevant". He was also not sure what evidence linked Kang to the alleged theft.

The AFC lodged a complaint with police over missing documents which reportedly relate to a large payment made to Mohamed bin Hammam, the AFC's suspended president who is fighting corruption allegations, in 2008.

Hammam has also complained that documents detailing "personal payments" were stolen from his office, and were included in an internal AFC audit carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The audit tracks the "negotiation and execution of certain contracts and... the financial transactions made in and out of AFC bank accounts and his personal account during the tenure of Mr. Bin Hammam's presidency", according to the AFC.

British media said Hammam, who was provisionally suspended from the AFC on the basis of the audit, met AFC-appointed investigators in London this week and offered a detailed explanation of the payments.

The 63-year-old Qatari remains provisionally suspended by both FIFA and the AFC pending investigations into the regional body's finances.

In July, his lifetime ban from football was overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on grounds of insufficient evidence.

Bin Hammam was handed the ban last year after being found guilty by FIFA's ethics committee of bribery during his campaign to replace Sepp Blatter as the world body's president. He says the accusations are politically motivated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Fascinating is just one word to describe the ongoings in Terengganu as word has it that the spat between the FA and the coach Peter Butler will now head to the court of law.

And while all this is happening MACC has just announced that they have cleared the goalkeeper by virtue of a polygraph test conducted.

While not condoning the action of coaches/officials shooting off the cuff and claim bribery each time their team loses, in reality for the media its a sensational story. So I guess Terengganu FA too has some similiar "Article 88" hidden somewhere in their constitution to say that the Butler did it, in this case tarnishing their image, or whatever was left of it.

Butler should have long realised that fighting the mob culture will get him no where, and its now obvious to him that any attempt to raise the bar, in terms of discipline will be his folly.

So what next for Terengganu and Butler?

Since its a suspension, Butler has to resort to appealing the decision before moving in from the legal aspects. As for the FA, they have to honour their contract and pay Butler his dues based on the contract that runs till the end of 2013.

Now if any of your teams do badly, there is a way out, just blame it on the Butler...

Sunday, September 09, 2012


There is more then what meets the eye as so far as the Coaching and Training Committee Meeting decided then what was revealed to journalists at the post meeting press conference that was held yesterday.

One thing is certain, a senior official of BAM stated " the third world mentality" of players within the BAM stable as a main reason as to why he objected to having a foreign supremo to handle matters pertaining to coaching and technical aspects of the players.

Perhaps if BAM feels that players have adopted a third world mentality, they ought to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask just who made them such. And since they cannot churn out champions, maybe its time to vacate your seats.

It is indeed shocking that the BAM opted to keep secrets rather then being honest about things after having kept the Journalists waiting for well over six hours.

A secret because within an hour after the Press Conference, I managed to find out some startling facts and decisions that were made. And here goes.

- Zulfadli Zulkifli has been left out of the 2016 program by BAM. His name was initially included in the list by Ng Chin Chai but objections by the Peanag and Kedah representatives saw Zulfadli being dropped and only Iskandar Zulkarnain and Misbun Ramdhan being included to join the seniors. This I believe was to save face of BAM President who had revealed the list a week prior to the meeting. And its pertinent to note that NSC Director General dato seri Zolkples Embong had stated that Zulfadli should be included. This shows that the views of NSC have no impact as far as BAM is considered.

- There was a proposal from Tan Kim Her to split Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong and the new pairing was Goh V Shern/Tan Boon Heong. but not for Koo. That created a problem as the future of Koo was uncertain. The matter was discussed, the pro and cons but one of the issues was the fact that the restructuring of pairs could mean that KLRC's Mohd Zakry Latif/Mohd Fairuzizuan Tazari would take over the mantle of being the number one pair in the country. All this talk of having to discuss with Koo/tan was bullshit as BAM has had discussions with them. They will not be split till end of the year so as to ensure they remain in BAM.

- Three coaches, namely Cheah Soon Kit, Yap Kim Hock and Wong Tat Meng have been endorsed to join the coaching stablke and will be formally appointed at the Exco Meeting to be held later.

More disclosures soon....

Saturday, September 08, 2012


After a seven hour meeting, this is what BAM told journalists at the Press Conference, and I am merely repeating what was told to me by Journalists that were present:

- that they have yet to talk to Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong before deciding on splitting the pair.

- that they have decided priority is for the 2016 and 2020 Olympics and that the 12 year plan will be the baby of the Development Committee.

- that a decision on which coaches to be retained or sacked to be decided in December and as such status quo remains.

- that the High Performance Team is disbanded and that Dato James Selvaraj is a member of the Coaching and Training and no longer the High Performance Director.

Now there was much more discussed and decisions made that they did not want to share with the media.

I shall await what the main stream media writes before unveiling what actually transpired.

Suffice to say that one top official likened Malaysia badminton mentality as one of a third world country.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


That is a famous quote attributed to Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah who passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

This was in reference to the National Sports Council which was created in 1971 via the NSC Act when Hamzah was the Sports Minister.

It was something that Hamzah often uttered when I bumped into him during the early years of my foray into journalism.

My acquaintance with Hamzah was purely coincidental for the first time we met was in 1987, opposite the Station Padang in Seremban, where one of the best rojak and cendol stalls were located.

Hamzah was seated next to me and a mutual friend introduced us. I did not know then who Hamzah really was and over the years got to know him better.

The quote about NSC was Hamzah's way of saying that when the NSC was formed and it's function differed to what it has become since.

But the nice man he was, Hamzah never publicly devoured NSC as after all it was his creation.

Sports thrived with Hamzah at the helm as most of the associations he led showed remarkable achievements during his tenure.

Who can forget that day in Munich when the Malaysian football team competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics? Or when Malaysia defeated South Korea at the Merdeka Stadium to qualify for the 1980 Moscow Olympics that we eventually boycotted.

Hamzah was a gifted leader, someone who said things as he saw it, soft yet firm, and above all did not deem it necessary to rule with an iron fist.

One of the finest attributes of Hamzah was he knew when it was time to let go, and that is what many of the current seat warmers in the current age could learn from Hamzah.

Rest in peace sir for you have contributed significantly to Malaysian sports and we pray that you continue to look upon us from the heavens.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Am wondering if Malaysia has a new striker or has an existing one had a change of name.

Read on the Bernama story, paying careful attention to the headline.

But at the same time was there not such a body set up by the son of a very important person in the football industry?

Professional Football Players Association Needed To Protect Players - Safee Sallehlp

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Sept 1 (Bernama) -- A professional football players association should be set up in the country to assist and protect the welfare and rights of players, said National striker and Pelita Jaya player Safee Sali.

He said Malaysian football was undergoing a transformation and that players facing repercussions needed an active and professional body to protect their interests.

"The situation currently being experienced by two Terengganu players is an example of how important it is for a professional football players association to be set up in the country.

"I sympathise with my friends involved in the controversy and having to put up with such a shameful situation," he told reporters when met at the "SYM Hari Raya Open House with Safee Sali" of a motoring company factory in Alma here Saturday.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is clear that BAM President Dato Seri Nadzmi does not know badminton or rather feels that he is now the supreme commander of a force called the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

He is probably disillusioned that during his era as BAM President the shuttlers under him have not delivered the gold medal at the Olympics that he is now dictating terms as to who will carry the nations challenge at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Does he really think Malaysians are fools to believe his charade as he has been warming the seat for the past 12 years and now says we will not win a medal until 2024 as BAM has this grand idea of delivering gold 12 years from now.

The fact of the matter is Nadzmi, you and your team have failed, you have let the nation down and you are now expecting the nation to give you and your merry men 12 more years so that you can continue to lead badminton to lower depths.

And what is more ironic is that you have undermined the Coaching & Training Committee by naming the Rio squad when the meeting is scheduled for September 8.

That is not all for you, upon your arrival at KLIA on August 7 made a statement to the media that Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong should be seperated as a pair, contrary to what Chief Coach Tan Kim Her said in Wembley Arena barely 72 hours earlier.

Maybe it would have been better for you to hold a BAM Council Meeting in London since the junket has now made you into a supremo in every departnent. One wonders why you refuse to chair the C&T Committee in the first place.

Malaysia belongs to Malaysians and not to BAM, comprehend that first and only then you can understand the golden rule of running a national body - that we treat all equal - friends or foes.

It is clear that you have something prsonal against KLRC, or rather Dato Seri Andrew Kam, right from when you opted to support a Korean as the BWF President rather then a Malaysian. And now 8 years own you want to stand as BWF President. Something smells fishy here - a deal that was made 8 years ago went sour?

Your contempt of KLRC by discarding Zulfadli Zulkifli is the straw that will break the camel's back as your statement has now been rebuked by NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong, whose statement makes it clear that Malaysia is for Malaysians.

Read on Sir, and get someone to translate should you fail to understand what it means, for we understand it crystal clear.

Sepatutnya semua pemain yang berpotensi hendaklah disenaraikan terutama yang masih muda. Yang terbaik tidak kira di bawah naungan BAM atau kelab, hendaklah diberi keutamaan untuk mewakili negara. 

Cuma Zulfadli mungkin tidak berada di bawah Program BAM kerana memilih untuk berada di bawah KLRC. MSN mengalu-alukan semua pihak yang ingin membantu untuk membangun dan memajukan bakat atlet. Cuma harus dipastikan program latihan dan pendedahan yang mereka sediakan baik dan berkualiti.

Zulfadli telah membuktikan yang beliau adalah pemain yang amat berpotensi dgn menjuarai Kej Remaja Dunia dan beberapa kej yg lain. Tapi apakah pembangunan pemain ini sekarang ini selaras atau mencapai tahap sebagaimana yg diperlukan. Kegagalan untuk maju dalam beberapa kej peringkat antarabangsa akhir-akhir ini agak membimbangkan. Juara Sukan Malaysia di Pahang baru-baru ini bukan ukuran kemampuan beliau kerana beliau seharusnya jadi juara di Melaka 2010 tapi beliau tidak mengambil bahagian.

Sudah tentu berada di bawah naungan BAM banyak memberikan kelebihan kerana mereka mempunyai antara jurulatih yg terbaik, sparring partner yang ramai dan berkualiti serta kemudahan latihan dan khidmat sokongan yg baik. Urusan-urusan logistik dikendalikan oleh pegawai-pegawai sepenuh masa. Tapi beliau memilih untuk berada di bawah KLRC yang pastinya dapat menawarkan kemudahan yang lebih baik dari apa yang disediakan oleh BAM. Semua pihak harus menghormati keputusan ini.

Yang penting sekarang ini ialah semua pihak harus memainkan peranan untuk membantu memajukan bakat yang ada pada pemain ini dan tidak mengambil kesempatan dari potensi yang ada pada beliau. Kalau tidak kita akan kehilangan sebutir lagi permata yang berharga.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Having read and seen footage of Malaysia Cup matches last night, it will be interesting to see what action will the Football Association of Malaysia take.

At the ATM v Kelantan match, play had to be stopped twice and it was only after riot police took up positions did the match official continue the proceedings.

Now the question that begs to be answered is - knowing very well that it's a high profile match, one that was live on TV, why was the match allowed to start if the security was inadequate?

What was the Match Commissioner, Venue Coordinator as well as the host team doing to ensure the safety of the players and spectators?

Was it a case of putting profits over safety by over selling tickets?

Why were the FRU not stationed around the track as is the standard procedure in such high profile matches?

Will FAM take the blame for the failure of their appointed official ( match commissioner ) for his lackadaisical approach towards such a match?

And finally what happened in Paroi is also no excuse.

Is there any clause as draconian as Article 88 that can now be shafted down the throats of those actually responsible for this mayhem that we call football?

Friday, August 24, 2012


The Golden Break Asian 9 Ball Invitational Championship enters its fourth edition now and each year without fail, the players profile improves and participation increases. 

Some notable names in this tournament includes the two young Taiwanese brothers of Ko Pin Yi and 2 times runner up Ko Ping Chung; Defending Champion from Philippines, Lee Vann Corteza and also two pool legends, Efren “The Magician” Reyes and Francisco Bustamante; Seasoned campaigner Muhd Bewi and Jimmy Jusman from Indonesia; Japan and Korea also makes their first appearance including many other familiar faces in international events and TV appearances.

This years’ entries to the main event has been increased from last year's 64 to a total field of 80 players. By the time of the entry closing date, the total player's field to the main event once again had to be adjusted to a total of 96 players, to accommodate overwhelming request from invited countries.

This event is organized by Team Sports Marketing and is sanctioned by the Selangor Snooker and Billiards Association (SSBA). This year the Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) had accepted this event into its annual calendar of event and had generously offered Asian Ranking points to the deserved participants taking part in this event. The number of participating countries had also increased to fifteen countries in total.

With many renown names and frequent campaigners in International Pool tournaments participating in this years' Championship, the stage is set to witness some serious competition and grueling matches between the players over the next few days, striving to be crowned the Champion to this years' 4th Golden Break Asian 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2012!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For a paper that professes to provoke open debate The Malay Mail clearly does not dissent when it is the subject of criticism.

Commentators and bloggers who have questioned the content, credibility and direction of the paper have apparently been blackballed by the management.

So much for being an open, fair and objective media.

I stand accused of posting a comment about the paper on a friends Facebook.

All I wrote was RIP The Malay Male, and I guess some have shallow interpretation skills.

And I am told that my stories that the paper used to lift from my blogs and websites will no longer be used.

Actually it's a blessing in disguise for I never charged the paper for the articles they lifted, as I still had a soft spot for the paper gave me a break in journalism in 2000.

But when people do not appreciate the gesture, it's time to tell the truth. Even at the Olympics I wrote them a piece for the badminton final, unappreciated is a kind way to say what type of people I had helped.

Akin to the malay proverb, " melepaskan anjing tersepit" is the best way to describe the situation.

All because of an innocuous comment on a friends Facebook wall.

Despite being ridiculed by my friends for being a loyal reader of a newspaper that has fallen in standards and credibility, I have continued to cough up RM1 per day to support the industry.

But no more. I have decided to stop contributing to your salaries.

The Malay Mail has just lost a reader, another example of the Malaysian media that fails to practice what they preach.

And the image above is proof that I have parted with my hard earned RM1 for the final time.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka


While the Korean BA have banned their shuttlers, as seen by the story below, there is silence from China and Indonesia.

One other way to look at this issue is if it was a kind of racial profiling as it only involved Asian badminton players.

The recommended penalties on Korean badminton players and coaches involved in a match-throwing scandal at the London Olympics were reduced Wednesday, a day after the players appealed the earlier ruling.

The Korea Badminton Association said the four female players -- Jung Kyung-eun, Kim Ha-na, Ha Jung-eun and Kim Min-jung -- will be suspended from domestic and international play for six months, down from the two years recommended last week by its disciplinary committee.

The national team head coach Sung Han-kook and assistant Kim Moon-soo have been suspended for two years. Earlier, the disciplinary committee handed down lifetime bans on both.

The penalties were finalized at the association's board meeting.

Jung and Kim Ha-na formed one women's doubles team, and Ha and Kim Min-jung were the other doubles pair at the London Games. The four, along with a Chinese pair and an Indonesian team, were disqualified from the Olympics after deliberately hitting serves into the net and making other unforced errors, in apparent attempts to purposely lose group stage matches and manipulate knockout stage draws.

Jung and Kim beat Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang of China in straight sets in their group match. The top-seeded Chinese team appeared to be making mistakes on purpose to avoid the No. 2-seeded Chinese tandem, Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei, until the final. They received a warning from a referee.

In the ensuing doubles match, Ha and Kim defeated Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari of Indonesia in three sets, but not before also receiving a warning for deliberately losing points and getting booed off the court. They were accused of trying to avoid facing Wang and Yu in the quarters.

For the first time in Olympics, a combination of a round-robin group stage and a knockout phase was introduced. Sixteen doubles teams were paired into four groups of four, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the quarters. Critics of the format said it could be vulnerable to attempts to manipulate results to set up easier matches in the knockout stage.

Sung and other officials also blamed the Chinese players for forcing the hands of Korean players and making them do the same to avoid tough opponents early.

The Korean badminton governing body handed out the stiff penalties under pressure from the Korean Olympic Committee, which had vowed to take stern measures against match-throwing attempts in all sports. The penalties were soon met with public disapproval, however, for they would essentially end the careers of coaches and players who have made their share of contributions to badminton.

Making her appeal, one of the players claimed she only followed her head coach's orders and said, "I don't understand why we have to be penalized so severely."

In London, Korea earned one bronze medal in badminton for its worst Olympic performance ever. (Yonhap)