Monday, July 22, 2013


As some from the hockey fraternity keep rubbing salt to wounds, I shall keep paying tribute to Mum who left me on July 7. For only after that I came to know who my friends really were. There are some who painstakingly call me every other day offering me words of encouragement. And yet there are some who have not even called despite me helping them when at their lowest. And yet there are others who went on claiming things I had no time to think about as I was in GHKL three times a day and many a time camping there till late night. Life is not about money and power, but there some who feel money and power is everything.

Thus while these poor lost souls continue to pour scorn in my hour of grief, I shall include them in my daily prayers for my Mums soul, hoping that God makes them realize their folly. And to those who I had considered "friends" I wish you the very best. I shall continue to grieve in silence, hoping that one day you will realize what is glass and what is a gem.

Mum, where ever you are, I do hope that you are happy, looking over the family as you have done all these years. I miss you loads Mum, and every trip I make to Tampin in the past years was worth it as I got to spend time with you.

I pray no one, neither my friend or foe has to go through the anguish of having to lose a loved one. The pain is unbearable but I have to persevere as I have my Dad to fend for. Although there are unscrupulous personalities who took advantage on my situation by not paying me my dues, while others are akin to vultures, pouncing on jobs I was committed in doing, I believe that God does everything for a reason.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


There are various reports in the main stream media with regards to the NSC Director General seeking the Badminton Association of Malaysia to plan well the career of the player who won the recent Asian Juniors in Kota Kinabalu.

But what the DG failed to state was as to how he failed to assist the career of World Junior Champion Zulfadli Zulkifli.

There was a discussion between the NSC DG and KLRC owner Dato Seri Andrew Kam last November and it was mutually agreed that both parties plan and execute a program to ensure Zulfadli gets the best as his career was on a downside.

NSC was to come up with a draft MOU to ink the partnership but that document never saw the alight of the day and KLRC waited 7 months before giving a release to Zulfadli to venture out own his own given that there was no government support for a young Malay boy who rose up to become World Junior Champion, all the way funded by a private club.

Perhaps it's too late in the day but will Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin care to revisit this case and hold discussions with KLRC? Or is KJ too scared of the NSC to act what is old or Malaysian badminton and lend credibility to private clubs?

The shuttle is in your court YB!  

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Thank You

My family and I wish to place on record our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those from the hockey family who extended their condolences following the demise of our Mum.

To those who took the trouble to attend the wake and funeral - Dr. Shamala Subramniam, Yahya Atan, Stephen van Huizen, K. Ananthavale, Catherine van Huizen, coach Balbir Singh, Md Faiz Isa, Mirnawan Nawawi, I Vikneswaran, Nara, Lt Kol Wong Ah Jit, Ng Ping Loong, Michael Yan, Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad, Manjit Majid Abdullah, S. Prakash, Jusvinder Pal Singh, T. Param, Chegu Ravi, Naranjan Singh, Chandran, Surjit Singh, S. Ramaguru, Jugjet Singh, M. Gobinathan, Tamil Selvam Ponniah, Jasveer Singh, Kenneth Sta Maria, Jasbender Singh, Kali Kavandan, Tan Jee Wah, Coach Subra plus Haresh Deol, Pearl Lee and Safirul Abu Bakar who were at GHKL when Mum passed away, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having taken time off to be with our family to share our grief.

The prayers for Mum will commence this Friday at 9am at Gurudwara Sahib Tampin for 3 days with the Bhog ceremony at noon on Sunday, April 14. Guru ka Langgar will be served and please join us in praying for our beloved Mum.

Once again my heartfelt gratitude for your words of encouragement and being there with me at my hour of grief, God bless you all.

Monday, July 08, 2013


7th of July 2013 will forever remain etched in my memory as I watched my Mum leave the world. I was at her beside, watching her life slip away, unable to do anything, so hopeless.

As I sit alone trying to pen some words aabout my Mum, Gurmel Kaur d/o Rala Singh, I just do not know where to start. I know everyone will console me to say that she has gone to a better place, but what is a better place then to be loved and adored by all her children, grand children and great grandchildren

Mum there are no words to describe how I feel at the momment, gutted and devastated is just two words that cross my mind as tears roll down my cheeks. I have written tributes and obituries for others, but what can I write about you Mum, for no words can describe you, you meant the world to me and my worls has ended as I held your hands and watched you leave me alone in this world.

Yes Mum you have gone, as all say to a better world, but why leave me behind then, why not take me with you Mum for I so miss you.

As prepare to bid you farewell, I hope that you will continue to look over me from the heavens and I really am gonna miss you Mum, and Thank you for bringing me into this world mum.

Funeral will be held on Monday, 8th July, 2013 with cortege departing our family home at 103, Jalan Seremban, Tampin, Negero Sembilan at 4.00pm for the Tampin Sikh Crematorium.