Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well, the Malaysian league got underway last night and even before the first ball was kicked there was indications that somethings were never going to change.
For days before the match the venue of the match between PDRM and UPB-MyTeam FC was published as Stadium Selayang. However only efforts by a Senior football journalist ensured that the other publications got the correct venue, that too after being pointed out by a Journalist from a Chinese publication.
And if that was not enough, the Kelantan v KL Plus match was called off, not only due to poor weather but also due to blunder by an official who failed to inspect the venue. Heard he was named as a best official recently.
Then there is the case of the host broadcaster going off air before the trophy presentation to Selangor. They opted to show the presentation to Kedah but not to Selangor.
But perhaps what was truly preplaxing was the fact that no matches were scheduled in Klang Valley on the opening night of the League. Common sense will tell you that when Selangor plays at home, all other Klang Valley teams should be playing away, but then again common sense never prevails in Malaysian football, will it ever, one doubts it.