Friday, July 17, 2009


Now this is not for the faint hearted. For trying figure this riddle might lead to congestion in your chest and a possible heart attack. So do not say I did not warn on at your own risk.

Just who is the Team Manager of the Malaysian Football Team, and by that I mean the SENIOR National Team.

After Dato Soh Chin Aun was told to walk the plank with coach B. Sathianathan, many implied that YB KJ was the Manager.

But then in February FAM announced that Dato Capt Gulzar Ahmad was the Senior Team Manager with Dato Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad as the Under 23 Team Manager. So the confusion stopped, albeit for a month or two.

Next we find out that the Malaysian Team for the match against Manchester United will be managed by Dato Redzuan, so what happened to Dato Gulzar.

And I have now learnt that YB Dato Subahan Kamal, a VP of Selangor FA is the Assistant Team Manager for the National Senior Team. And mind you Dato Redzuan is still the team mnager of Harimau Muda, a team that the Ministry of Youth & Sports were to manage.

Now who will manage the team to Sea Games, obviously Dato Redzuan, so where does that leave Dato Subahan? And luckily the swine flu came to our rescue and Pestabola Merdeka was called off for then we will be guessing who the Manager was to be.