Thursday, July 30, 2009


It seems to be never ending, this time the Malaysian squad lost 2-0 to Australian "A" which is the development squad for Australia. The defeat comes barely 24 hours after the present MHF created history, by losing 11-3 to the first squad of Australia.

But not to despair for Malaysia can make the final if they defeat Canada on Saturday as the results of Australia "A" does not count in determining the positions.

However I wonder where is the Malaysia "B" squad that the Deputy President had publicly stated Malaysia was to form? Perhaps he is busy with leading the President up to the wrong path.

Anyway, suffice to know that one MHF affiliate has not held its AGM for five years, and this may result in the MHF elections being declared null and void, Interesting news right, lets see who figures this one out. Suffice to say I have done my homework on this and I have the required confirmation.