Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Malaysian Hockey will come under the microscope once again in the middle of this month when the MHF holds their Council Meeting. Not that we expect any major changes or shift in policy matters, let alone expecting the stakeholders (being the affiliates) to question the decisions made by the Management Committee or other Sub-Committees over the past few months.

Consider this, Malaysia played hosts to three major tournaments over the space of three months, the Azlan Shah Cup Tournament, the Asia Cup and the Junior World Cup. But not one seminar or course was held during these tournaments, thus a wasted opportunity for those who could have picked up a thing or two from a host of world hockey experts who visited our shores. We could have held a coaching, umpiring, technical, development or even medical seminar/courses but none were held, and despite there being voices of discontent in the corridors, none of them will raise it during the Council Meeting.

A flurry of meetings by the Sub-Committees are being lined up this weekend, leading up to the Council Meeting, so that it will "seem" that these sub committees were actually doing work, when all they have done is sleeping on the job. They may have their reasons, but then again it could be sheer "tidak apa" attitude, and this contributes towards the decline of hockey in the country. Those on the committees have been entrusted with a responsibility and if it lack of support from the administration that is causing them to shy away, then they ought to speak up or walk away.

The Wawasan and Consultative Committees were to go through the proposal of the 102 Ex-Internationals, but they have not met since late last year.The composition of these committees is also in doubt following the resignation of the likes of Mirnawan Nawawi, George Koshy and Maninderjit Singh. Then we have the Development Committee which has yet to come out with a sound program despite having a capable chairman in the likes of Ken Pereira.

So where does that leave Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and his vision to take Malaysian Hockey to a higher level? To him I can only offer the following advice...

Ultimately it all boils down to what the players can do on the pitch to change the negative perception of Malaysian Hockey as it is obvious off the field we shall do not better if not for a change in mindset.

As in business, employee talent is the cornerstone of success. Their expertise and capabilities win matches or perform the work thereby creating values for clients, and generate loyalty from investors. Thus it is ultimateky left to the players.

So it pays to create an environment where employees meet fresh, exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction of a job well done. But how do we get people to share our core values one might ask. You don't. You can't.

Just find people that are "predisposed" to share your values and purpose, attract and retain those people, and let those who don't share your values go elsewhere. This entire exercise is about having your integrity in - in the sense of your authentic values and your courage to act congruently all of the time.

And could it be that the seemingly unending quest for the answer - will ultimately take you back to the beginning - to what you are and what you stand for? And perhaps, this could be the first step to the beginning ... on the path to greatness.