Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hockey-Asia, which was launched by MHF this April has terminated its MOU effective yesterday. For more details on the termination, please visit

The website ran into problems during the Asia Cup when they were unable to run the streaming video due to a technical glitch.

And for the Junior World Cup, once again they were not given permission to run the streaming video, despite the fact that not one TV station showed any of the matches live.

So why pack up and leave?

Frustration is the choice word I shall use at this moment for the husband and wife team that ran the Hockey-Asia website were a patient lot, that I can vouch for. But when incompetence is the key word at MHF, what else can one do, just pack and leave, as was the case with Paul Lissek.

Where does that leave hockey followers in this country, one that boasts of first class facilities but third class mentalities?

Hey, MHF has a website, And it has links to hockey365 which has not updated for a year but not to hockey-asia wich is its MOU partner. Leave the rest to you to think about.