Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Sorry for not updating, but did not have internet service for two days no thanks to P1. Anyway here are short updates on things I picked up over the past two days.


The Malaysian Under 18 girls team have withdrawn from the AHF Under 18 Tournament scheduled to be held in China later this month. It seems that the withdrawal was due to, yet again the swineflu. But I have one interesting thought, if we do not want to play overseas, then there should be a blanket ban, not giving options to associations withdrawing at their whims and fancy. Also if the Merdeka Tournament cannot be held, then how is it that we are hosting the ACC Womens Cricket Championships?

Yes we won, rather narrowly at the Champions Challenge. But a point to note is that the MHF President and Deputy President are both there in Ireland. So if we do not win the title, will coach Tai Beng Hai be dismissed there?


KLBA hearing against Sports Commissioners decision to declare their AGM null and void scheduled for July. 8. But what interests me here, both in the case of KLBA and selangor BA is that the clubs who filed the complaint in the first place are not even registered with the SC office. So any Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu can lodge a complaint a get a body into trouble. And till the court decides, the injunction holds and status quo remains...