Friday, May 08, 2009

A snail's pace

That will be the best way to describe a statement made by a certain official with regards to an appeal filed in by Kelantan FA with regards to the decision to bar them from playing home matches.

The Kelantan FA claimed they filed an appeal against the decision on April 23. But this official went on record to say that no letter was received, until Kelantan reiterated that they had faxed the letter.

Presto, the same official then makes a statement to say that they received a faxed copy on April 27 and that he had yet to see it as it was with the Competitions Unit, located merely 50 metres from his office.

Surprised? Well who says only David Copperfield can do magic? And the statement was made to the papers on May 1, four days after the letter was received.

And how long before the appeal will be considered? Well it is anybody's guess, maybe after Kelantan have finished all their home matches.