Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave

The key to controlling a game is having “the feeling in the fingertips” about how it is going. You want to be controlling it but not stifling it. As the famous man in black David Elleray said: It’s like conducting an orchestra.”

Relating this to the current affairs of Malaysian Hockey, likened to a theater of the absurd, I must increasingly we admire the Tengku Mahkota for his small conclave of sanity, for this efficiency and somewhat wooden gaits, despite several blunders by his fellow office bearers.

Hopefully as the referees keep note of infringements, hands gripping tiny pencils. when htey enter and exit the field as one, flags and other accoutrements tucked to the side, we hope that TM has taken into account all these blunders, some to the extent of bringing disreupte to the game.

One might expect those who created the mess to look self-conscious or embarrassed, but they carry a certain cachet for they feel that the sport cannot exist without them.

We have to accept the fact that the game has changed from a "sport" to a business. This has added a further dimension of pressure because of the livelihood factor of those taking part in the business. This, in turn puts further pressure on the TM.

If these people start thinking of "business" then why can't they run MHF in a business like atmosphere? Why do they have to resort to lies, contradicting themselves, taking the sports fraternity for a ride, but above all tarnish the good name of TM?

Let's just take the cancelled Under 14 as an example of the incompetency of these officials.

The decision to hold the tournament in late May was taken early this year despite some of the members voicing concern that the tournament was too close to the MSSM Championships. But MHF persisted and invites were sent out to the states who duly confirmed participation.

And sometime on May 6, MHF officials had a vision, they decided to call of the Under 14 and gave the excuse that it was too close to the MSSM meet. Slow thinkers or was it to cover up a blunder they made by agreeing to hold the Asia Cup in Kuantan, because the U14 too was slated for Kuantan.

If that is not enough, then some of these officials had the audicity to inform the media last week that they had to call of the U14 due to the MSSM meet. If you want to lie, then please do it properly.

MHF has time and again blamed their affiliates for not supporting their events. So who is to blame now given the fact that some states started centralised training for the U14 early this month?