Friday, May 15, 2009

De omnibus dubitandum — Everything should be questioned

Floated as an idea in the fifties and crystallised in 1982 as the continental hockey championship, the Asia Cup has traversed a long, eventful path. Listing its vicissitudes from the first edition at Karachi to the one that is all set to unfold on Saturday at Kuantan (Malaysia) will be voluminous. That the initiative came from Pakistan and from the influential FIH and AHF member, Brig. M.H. Atif, should be acknowledged. The seeds sown at the Hockey Club of Pakistan in 1982 have germinated to emerge as the most sought after title in the continent. Now, it determines the qualifier for the World Cup.

That is the intro written by S. Thygarajan, a veteran hockey writer for The Hindu, one of India;s largest circulated newspaper.

And if one was to take a look at the program book that was produced for the Asia Cup, it is truly an embarassment to Malaysian organisational capability.

For it lacks basic information such as the one stated above for the benefit of its readers. There is no past history of the Asia Cup, let alone a proper team list, for in the Malaysian line up, there are only 16 names and that too with glaring omissions. No past winners are listed and it is shoddy work to say the least.

But above all, why is it that the book only made its appearance on the day of the semi finals of the Asia Cup? Word has it that it got delayed, but what was is the true picture?

Care the MHF DEputy President elaborate on this? And while you are at it, kindly tell us why the good name of Malaysia has been tarnished no thanks to incompetency by some of your officials. Will having a Media Officer cost much more than having the whole MHF (pardon MHC) bandwagon there?

And yes Sir, another thing, when was the MHC elections held since TM is now listed as the President of MHC ?

Does not that honour belong still to Tan Sri Anwar as no elections have been held...over to you Dato Nik.