Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Despite finishing fourth, and meeting the target sent by MHF, the Malaysian hockey team slipped down a rung in the FIH World Rankings.

From the 15th position in the previous rankings, Malaysia is now in the 16th position, while China, who defeated us for the third placing in the Asia Cup and now ranked 13, ahead of Japan who now occupy the 14th spot, down three places from their previous 11th placing.

South Korea, the Asia Cup winners maintained their 5th rank, while Pakistan moved up to 6th place, two places up from their previous ranking.

India who did not win a single match at the Asia Cup, moved down two rungs, now in 12th spot as opposed to 10th prior to the Asia Cup.

Many may not see the importance of rankings, but it saddens to see the National Team in their current position with the likes of England, Canada, Belgium and New Zealand ahead of us.