Friday, May 08, 2009

He who cares least — controls

Mohamed Bin Hammam won the vote to retain his seat on the FIFA executive committee seat by a margin of two votes over Bahrain's Sheik Salman bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa at the Asian Football Confederation election.

After two votes were deemed spoiled and inadmissible, the 46 nation AFC Congress on Friday voted in favor of the AFC president 23 votes to 21.
Congress delegates rushed to Hammam's side and hugged and kissed him after the result was announced.

The Qatari businessman had said he would offer his resignation as head of the AFC if he lost the election.

And in an apparent SNUB to some Malaysians who campaign for his ouster.... bin Hamman had this to say....

“Yesterday I met with the Prime Minister of Malaysia (Najib Razak) who has shown great sympathy and concern over keeping our headquarters in Malaysia,” the Qatari told the congress. “He is going to look into this matter himself so I ask you to delete this item,” he continued as loud applause broke out among the members. Malaysia has been home to the AFC since 1965.