Thursday, January 15, 2009


After two years, we will once again see Manchester United, finally, making it to Malaysian shores. I have no personal interest in the Red Devils but am somewhat surprised at the release of the story a day before the official announcement was made, and we do not have to be a smart "Alex" to figure out that it was a Fat Boy who leaked the info out.

The funny thing though is while the whole nation is asking to boycott American products, such as Coke, Starbucks and so forth because of the Gaza situation, here we have the Fat Boy elated that Man United, effectively owned by Americans, even the shirt sponsor is an American company, is being given a red carpet welcome. Two years ago AFC did not allow Man. United to come and at that time even Pak Lah could not change the situation. How things are different now.

Still I support the visit of United as it will be good for their fans, but lets try bring in another foreign team for them to play against as it will prove to be an entertaining match. No disrespect to Sathia and his team as our boys get too hooked up on playing such teams.

I am a firm believer that sports and politics should not mix, and thus Fat Boy should not speak about the forthcoming Umno Youth elections for word has it that Fat Boy is campaigning against a candidate and looking forward to his defeat.