Thursday, January 08, 2009


As I received the SMS from Eric Samuel of The Star, my first reaction was I cannot believe this was happening.

Though a birth can be uncertain, death is unavoidable. When and how it will happen, no body can predict. The important factor is "what you have done during your life".

Johary Shawal aka Jonathan has shown the path of true friendship during his short life. Never once did I see him angry or upset with anyone and he will be missed in the sports world. My last meeting with him was during the protest outside the Bar Council a few months ago, I was having chicken rice in the restaurant opposite and Johary walked in. We had lunch together, as he tucked into his rojak, we recalled the "rojak" state of sports in the country. Though he no longer covered sports, we had a mutual interest, that one day we will hear Negaraku at the Olympics. Sadly he did not live to fullfil his dream.

My deepest condolences to members of the family and his colleagues and friends in Utusan Malaysia.