Thursday, August 14, 2008


The best of the best CEO’s in the corporate world know that being mentally
prepared is absolutely essential to compete in today’s highly volatile and
selective markets.
Without a firm understanding of the psychology of trading, even the best
stock picker will fail.
In sports to succeed at the top you need to handle bags of pressure, from fans,
managers, owners, competitors and so on.
It takes a good deal of self-security to do that and working with confidence will help you build that.
Unfortunately, nobody has yet discovered a foolproof formula for handling
Each time a team or athlete loses, exasperated fans search for a reasonable explanation for the debacle.
And this will be the case should we not get the elusive gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.
There is never any shortage of theories. There are as many opinions and the
usual reasons put forward are lack of self belief, low fitness level, poor
defending, inability to finish off a game, wrong strategy, absence of pride
in individual and collective performance... so on and so forth.
But will heads roll? Will there be accountability?
We have the Sports Minister saying wait for the next Olympics? Will it take a change in leadership to win the gold?