Thursday, August 14, 2008


Something needs to be done for sports in Malaysia and although there has been much talk along the corridors of power, be it at Putrajaya or Jalan Dato Onn, nothing concrete has come out of it.
There has been much said about the Cabinet Committee for Sports, but until and unless something concrete is visible, it is tantamount to empty vessels making noise.
And to continue with such juvenile carping is to do a great disservice to all the athletes who worked so hard to represent the nation.
The reality is that despite some occasional praiseworthy performance, the overall result for Malaysia in the international scene over the years was poor.
It will continue to be poor until we provide long-term assistance for developing athletes.
At the same time we need to start getting the basics right by ensuring that sport plays a more relevant role at primary
school level.
Sport in our primary schools is a joke at present. An increasing number of our school children are overweight and very few pupils receive sufficient exercise.
This is a worrying trend, not only because it minimises our chances of producing top class sports performers, but also because of the future cost to our health care system.
But the Government is doing too little too late to tackle the crisis.