Monday, August 11, 2008


Another edition, I believe it was the 46th edition, has come to an end at the Tun Razak Stadium on August 10. As my homestate NS had made the final after a nine year absence, the last being 1999, I made my way to the stadium, hoping that NS barren run will come to an end. But that was not to be the case as KL were not only superior on the pitch but off it as well. Kudos to George Koshy, the ever humble KLHA President who went over to the NS bench first after the final whistle, a true gentleman.

After Felda had supported the Razak Cup last year, I am told they declined to do so this year citing budget constraints. This is the trophy of our former premier, the father to our current DPM and Felda could not afford to sponsor and offered a lame excuse. But trust me, two months down the road Felda will spend close to RM3 million on a sport that Malaysians participate for solely recreational purposes. Still that is what life is all about, full of discrimination in this country.