Friday, August 15, 2008


Some people seem to suffer from a problem reading and understanding. They have gone on record to say that I have joined MHF and just because I was at the Razak Cup Final, they now claim that I am conspiring to derail their ambition to take over Malaysian Hockey. Sadly some of these people are ones that played for my club in the 90's. I wish them and their friends the very best in their quest of relating me to the difficulties they face. Believe in what you want and say what you want for I will not lose sleep over your childish nature. Spread whatever you want for eventually the trust prevails. Hiding behind a name plucked out from the sky does not help at all for one person knows the truth.

So to all those who claim or are being told that I am part of MHF, against the 102, plotting the downfall of MHF, have something to gain if 102 get into power, good luck to you and hope that you are happy about what you say. Always remember that as in politics and no in sports, there are no permanent enemies nor are there permenant friends.

And by the way I am gainfully employed and not jobless as some claim to be and I left my last job on mutual consent after the expiry of my contract.