Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Another year and another sports award has gone by without any surprises. But while NSC deserves some measure of respect for cutting down the cost involved for the gala night, there is one area that they seem to have overlooked over the years. The awards should be presented early in the year and not in May. While we can understand that it was probably due to changes in the Minister this year, surely that would not be the case every year. Hopefully the NSC DG will look into making the changes and making it more meaningful.

Another issue with regards to the timing is the absence of the award winners at the ceremony. Surely NSC as the guardians of Malaysian sports are aware of the schedule of these athletes and should plan things in advance having looked at the international calendar. Having the awards when the hot favourites are in Jakarta and Liverpool surely does not speak well of the organisational capability of NSC.

Will we see a change next year? Only time will tell, but don't count on it please.