Thursday, August 06, 2009


Yakeb was formed to look into the welfare of its athletes and sometime in January this year about 100 odd ex-international athletes signed up as members at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil. From then on it has been all systems go for Yakeb and it has got the government to award it RM3 million during its launch last month. Several other corporate giants too provided funds.

It was reported thatYakeb will also introduce a special emergency aid scheme annually. To help athletes, who are doing business, Yakeb will assist in the formation of Koperasi Atlet Malaysia Berhad.

Here is where it gets interesting as the Koperasi Atlet Malaysia Berhad was launched on August 1 at the Bukit Jalil Sports school where some 70 to 80 athletes were present, as was the former Sports Minister Ismail Sabri who governs co-operatives these days.

A total of 9 Board Members were elected, with the likes of Datuk Paduka Mumtaz Jaafar, Zaiton Othman, Datuk Nashater Singh, P. Selvarani, Malik Noor and Maninderjit Singh amongst them.
What was funny was there was a list circulated with a select group of names to be nominated to the Board and nominations were closed the moment it reached the required nine candidates. And there was even auditors appointed even before the Koperasi Board Members were appointed.

And if it interests you, then note this, the expected income for the Koperasi was RM50 million with RM44 million stated as miscelanous expenditure. And there was even an entry for RM1 million for depriciation of assets, even though before they get started. And of of this happened in broad daylight...