Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Word has it that a senior official of a national sports body has been accused of soliciting money to endorse some equipment.

While there has been not been any substiantated proof put forward by the aggrieved party, there cannot be smoke without fire. Still we should give the benefit of doubt to the accused in the absence of clear cut evidence as Malaysian sports is all too famous for making unwarranted allegations to bring down those in power.

It has also been alleged that the supplier has not been paid his dues for work done as this official has stopped payment to the supplier out of revenge for some form of dues owed to him as a result of favours granted.

This sort of thing gives sports a bad name and the sooner the top guns of the national sport body take the appropriate action, the better it will be for all quarters. Such attitude should not be condoned if its true and if there is no evidence of it happening, then the rumours must stop and let the personality lead his life accordingly.

However if there is any truth to it, the official should do the honourable thing and vacate his position....