Sunday, August 09, 2009


Malaysia had mixed fortunes in the AHF indoor championships as the men lost to Iran but the womens team won the title in Ipoh.

The fact of the matter, irrespective of the results is that MHF and MWHA did not bother about this tournament to start with. Both knew about the tournament yet their "tidak apa atitude" towards the tournament.

Let's take MHF, they only told Sapura that they were participating sometime mid July, and they were to field one team. The participation of the second squad was only done at the MHF Council meeting held on July 18. So what kind of preparation would you expect from them. Sapura did well to make the final, winning it was not going to happen as Iran are far too good given the shoddy way MHF approaches these tournaments.

And now we move on to MWHA. It was a KLHA squad that participated and nothing to do with MWHA except for the fact that they insisted that it be a MWHA official who manages the squad. How did the second team come about, well it had to take a stern phone call from Tan Sri Alagendra to get MWHA moving and thats how a bunch of school girls had to fill the spot. Want more, well the second Malaysian team stayed in the school hostel, representing Malaysia as MWHA did not want to foot their bill.

Custodians of hockey in the country, yeah right...