Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There have been many reports with regards to FAM revamping the M-League, all with the same conclusion, that FAM will do all they can to ensure Pahang remains in the top flight of Malaysian football next season.

The survival of clubs also has been brought into question with the general consensus being that clubs will be out of the Super League and made to play together in the Premier League. I have one question though, who came up with the title Super and Premier Leagues? While FAM are at it, changing the structure, could they also just change the name of the divisions to First, Second and so forth so as to stop the confusion.

Do we blame the Competitions Committee for any changes that are being proposed or isn't it the responsibility of the FAM secretariat to provide them with the input and suggestions pertaining to improvements of the league.

It is the responsibility of the paid staff to advise the Sub-Committee's accordingly but then again if the paid staff have the interest of their state of origin at heart, then what can we do but hope and pray that Malaysian football will rise from the ashes some day.

So, going by my learned friends in the blogsphere, FAM will retain Pahang, demote PDRM, promote one team from the Premier League, maybe T-Team. But if the story of clubs moving down to play on their own is true, then the likes of MyTeam FC and Johor FC will have to vacate their places in the Super League, thereby only 11 teams remain in the Super League.

Confusing to say the least, but I will leave it to the experts in football to speculate on what FAM will do as for me it is a sheer waste of time talking about FAM.