Sunday, August 09, 2009

Less Funding For Development

While the sports fraternity over the weekend celebrated the discussion about sports industry, Sportexcel is wondering if they can survive the economic crisis as they are fast losing charter members who finance their programs. And what is more surprising is that some of those withdrawing are big boys in the corporate world that feel giving a measly RM15000 towards development will affect their profits.

A look at the Sportexcel website will show you some 20 charter members, of which it is learnt that three big guns will be withdrawing their support soon or have withdrawn. Two are gaming companies while the other is a bank.

So how do we expect sports in the country to achieve greater heights when you have some people who think that taking RM15,000 and letting kids play competetively at a young age a sheer waste of funds. Over to you main stream media to unveil it.