Monday, June 15, 2009


The “11 v 11” game has for many years choked, like a cancer tumor, the vigorous development of young hockey players.

As stated 30 years ago in India it should be replaced by another type of competition, which should be tailor-made for children less than 13 years old.

Hockey tactician, Horst Wein feels that games like Mini Hockey (3 vs.3 on 4 goals) for 8-9 years old, 6-a-side Hockey or Indoor Hockey (10-11 years old) and 8-a-side Hockey (12-13 years old played on ¾ parts of the regular field), offer the adequate frame (space and amount of players) for the children to express their creativity and inspiration in a more healthy environment that does not contain the demands and the stress of the 11-a-side game with their adult- orientated rules.

Frequently, the game 11 v 11 is still used now-a- days as the preferred practice method for preparing the weekend match. It should be replaced by more attractive and from the learning point of view, more efficient simplified games which use fewer players.

“As proven in the last few decades, hockey in Malaysia will not progress through an accumulation of league matches with the 11 v 11 tournaments and international competitions as the MHF thought,” contends Wein.

“Only through a systematic development of an original, effective and attractive educational management, which helps to unlock and develop the innate potential and the personality of their young population.

“When hockey in Malaysia continues to do what it has done always, it will not become more popular with the youth and besides it will never reach any further.”