Saturday, June 06, 2009


Holland have never won the Junior World Cup since its inception in 1979.

And their current Juniors coach Paul van Ass probably has the right answer as to why they do not do well at junior level.

"We lack the mental strength of an Australian, the passion of a Spaniard and the skills of an Indian," said Paul when met prior to the team managers meeting at Johor Baru.

"At junior level we lack these attributes and I hope we can change in time to come.

However Paul was optimistic that his team had what it takes to make the second round. He picks Argentina, Germany, Spain, India, Australia and Holland as the six teams which will make the second round.

"So realistically we can finish anything between first to sixth in this tournament," he added.

Though Holland did not have ideal preparations, but Paul was unperturbed.

"To be honest we did not have good preparation as opposed to the other teams,Our domestic league ended last month so I had the players together for around ten days,"said Paul

The team had a training stint cum test matches in Argentina. And they lost their matches against the hosts as well as India who were touring Argentina at the same time.

For this tournament Holland will count on two players who have played for the senior team. Midfielder Robbert Kemperman who is 18 years old has 14 caps while Bob de Voogd who players as a striker has 7 caps at senior level.

"We will take it one match at a time and right now we want to negotiate the preliminary round and make the second stage."