Thursday, June 11, 2009


Though it has been reported in the press, there has been no official offer from the Malaysian Hockey Federation to the coaching advisory panel.

In a statement to the main stream media three weeks ago, MHF Deputy President Nur Azmi Ahmad had said that the MHF was in the process of forming a panel to assist the current coaching set up headed by Tai Beng Hai.

The panel, if it becomes a reality is to be headed by 1975 World Cupper Dato Poon Fook Loke with the members being former national coaches Stephen van Huizen, Wallace Tan and Colin Sta Maria.

However till today Stephen has yet to receive any formal notification from MHF.

"I am willing to serve if there is a request," said Stephen.

"Perhaps MHF officials are busy with the Junior World Cup so that may be a reason why we have yet to hear from them."

"Personally I think it is a good idea but we have to see our terms of reference first to see how we can contribute effectively."

Stephen cautioned that their roles should not be seen as trying to take over any form of responsibility from the current coaches.

And the former national skipper said that Beng Hai does get in touch with him from time to time to exchange ideas about the team.

"One thing must be made clear is that Beng Hai should have the final say in all matters," said Stephen.

"We cannot be seen as interfering but merely complimenting the efforts of the coaches."

So really it will now be left to be seen if MHF goes ahead to make this panel a reality, or will it just remain on the drawing board as has so many plans since the new MHF assumed office.