Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The reported withdrawal of UPB-MyTeam FC is just the tip of the iceberg as so far as withdrawals are concerned.

I managed to contact several of my close associates in the state FA's, and I can safely say that another three teams, and mind you these are not club but state teams that are on the verge of pulling out of the Malaysia Cup competition.

Their grouse, is mainly the lack of funding, but they did pose an interesting question though, why is the season so long? In the past the M-League used to commence sometime in November and by August most of the teams are already letting go of their players, as after 30 days the last match, they have to pay the players half month salary, meaning a substantial savings of their budgets.

This time around, no thanks to some brilliant administrators, the league or rather the competitions for the teams stretch almost a year, from January till October, hence teams in the quarterfinals will have to have the players on full payroll for a whole year, unlike the past where it was seven months on full pay with the rest on half pay.

But in the end the parent body will not own up as they are always right and stand to benefit with collecting fines from withdrawals.

However will they have the guts to ban their affiliates this time around? Or will there be bailouts for the affiliates and not the clubs.