Monday, June 08, 2009


Although many of Pakistan's top hockey players ply their trade in Europe, Haseem Khan has his feet firmly on the ground, literally.

For he is of the opinion that his country comes first above self interest. Hence he will not consider an option of playing in Europe for the time being.

"For me Pakistan hockey is utmost on my mind. My personal interests can wait as I want to help my country regain its lost glory," said the 19 year old who hails from Karachi.

His reasoning is understandable given that he comes from a hockey family that has provided one of Pakistan's greatest names, Hanif Khan.

Haseem is the nephew of Hanif Khan and readily admits that it was the exploits of his uncle that got him hooked to hockey in the first place.

"I have every respect for my uncle as it was during his playing days that Pakistan hockey was in its element," said Haseem who plays for the Hanif Khan Hockey Club.

"Pakistan won the World Cup, Olympics and Champions Trophy those days, and I aim to do my level best to help Pakistan win those titles again."

Haseem has played 45 junior international matches and scored 46 goals. But his exploits at senior level are phenomenal to say the least for Haseem has scored 6 goals in 7 appearances, three of which came in the last Asia Cup.

Haseem scored a hattrick in Pakistan's opening match in the JWC against Russia. And when asked if he was aiming for the top scorer ward given his ability in the semi circle, Haseem had this to say,

"It does not matter who scores but more important is that Pakistan wins," he replied.

"When I score a goal, it is not an effort by Haseem but rather by the whole team."