Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Badminton Association of Malaysia has created history as it has gone ahead to suspend it's Hon. Secretary P. Ganga Rao before even issuing him a show cause letter.

As news of the suspension was leaked out to the media by one of the three persons who attended the meeting, this blog managed to get in touch with Ganga to hear his side of the story.

So as not to take the thunder away from the main stream media and others, this blog shall only post the reaction of Ganga tomorrow morning.

Suffice to say that the decision to get rid of Ganga was made a few weeks ago and does not come as a surprise.

Ni doubt some personalities on the two hills will rub their hands in glee in getting rid of Ganga but badminton ultimately will suffer barely a day after Lee Chong Wei made it a most sought after sport in terms of sponsorship and marketing.

Be ready for some startling news.....