Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Following the decision by MGA to hit out at the organisors of the Asian PGA Classic, a press statement was issued by the now defunct MPGA ( read below).

What is most disappointing s that the two parties concerned, organisers of the Iskandar Open and the PGA event have not sat down to discuss options open to them.

We refer to the statement by the President of the Malaysian Golf Association(MGA) Dato’ Robin Loh and wish to clarify that the organisers and sponsors of the CIMB Asian Golf Classic do not need the sanction of the MGA.
“MGA is not the sanctioning body for professional events, safe for the Malaysian Open Golf Championships which ended over the weekend,” said the MPGA secretary S Selvakumar .
MGA has got no right to sanction any professional tournament-this right is only with the MPGA which was clarified by the Sports Commissioner on 14 November 2007.
Even as early as October 1991, the then secretary of the MGA David M H Lee had clarified via official MGA letter that the sanctioning body for professional tournaments was the MPGA.
The 1998 World Cup where Tiger Woods made his maiden appearance in Malaysia held at the Mines Golf Club was also sanctioned by the MPGA.
“Robin Loh is talking “cock”-he does not know his facts. He should check the MGA Constitution and its own website which states that MGA is for amateurs only except for the Maybank Malaysian Open which is their own event,” added Selvakumar.
This problem has been there for some time now and the MGA has been going around saying that it could sanction professional tournaments. Organisers should be aware of this ploy by the MGA. The MGA has of late developed a thirst for power-they want to control everything and always seem to be running out of money,. Perhaps the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission should investigate the MGA. There is something fishing going on there, said Selvakumar.
 “If only 2 professional made the cut at the Maybank Malaysian Open is because none of the MGA programmes has been successful in developing talent with money being wasted in so called development programmes that only benefit officials of the MGA,” said Selvakumar. The 2 pros who made the cut were from the MPGA.
The MPGA has been suspended by the Sports Commissioner since October 2008 and since then a successor body is in the making with the blessing of the Minister of Youth & Sports Dato’ Ahmad Cheek. It is either of these 2 bodies that has the right to sanction not an association that looks after amateurs. On the status of the association, Selvakumar clarified that it is awaiting for an appointment to meet with its Royal Patron His Majesty Sultan Azlan Shah before considering the next move.
“The statement by Robin speaks for itself. He does not know what he is talking about and it is best that he does not interfere with the affairs of the professionals. We know how to take care of ourselves,” emphasised Selvakumar.
The MGA is reminded that the MPGA and its members have taken the MGA to court over the same issue and are confident of the outcome.
This statement is issued by S Selvakumar , Hon. Secretary of the Malaysian Professional Golfers Association Contact No: XXXXXX