Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The main stream media has Azrai Khor as the pick for national coach to replace the ousted B. Sathianathan. And Azrai is the pick of some fans as well as my former colleague.

I do not deny that Azrai has the credentials to lead the national team, but some how I feel that former international Dollah Salleh, currently with Shahzan Muda will get the nod.

FAM in a way started all of us on a wild goose chase when they said there were three candidates for the national coach position, and that these names were to be considered at the FAM Council meeting last Saturday.

Sitting down in Chenai, India while the FAM were up to the antics, I started getting information.

One of the three candidates was supposedly in the short listed list of candidates only received a call to ask if he was keen for the post 48 hours before the meeting. And the State FA, who are his employers were also not approached. Therefore he was just a name to the list as FAM had no intention of securing his services.

Negotiations with the picked candidate started weeks ago and it is believed that the nod from the State FA where he is employed is yet to be obtained, most likely in this week or so. Hence the President had to KIV the announcement with regards to the appointment.

Putting aside who will be the coach, the decision to field the U23 team in the Merdeka Tournament is baffling. Why would we want to provide exposure to teams in this region to prepare them for the SEA Games where K. Rajagobal has to ensure we get a medal or he will be out of a job.

Will we play the Under 23 against Manchester United as well? If so then why do we need a national coach...let Rajagobal be the fall guy when we fail.