Wednesday, April 08, 2009


There are strong vibes that Dato Mukhriz Mahathis is being considered as the new Sports Minister in the Cabinet that is set to be announced tomorrow. Earlier there was talk that Dato Dr. Latif or Dato Saifuddin Abdullah. However it seems that Dato Mukhriz has the edge now.
So what will happen to the current Sports Minister, Dato Ismail Sabri? Will he get the cushy job as Tourism Minister or will he be left out as well.
Anyway a former SUS of Dato Hishamuddin Hussein during his term as Sports Minister, who won the Youth Deputy Chief post is also rumoured to be in line for a position in the new cabinet. Razali Ibrahim, the MP for Muar is a soft spoken but a great administrator and good person. My only hope is that KJ be considered for a place in the cabinet. No matter what some may say, KJ is a great person and someone the country can do with.