Thursday, April 16, 2009


The newly appointed Sports Minister held court last night with some selected Sports Editors and Bloggers at a leading hotel, ironically the same six star establishment where the National Sports Awards were held by Ismail Sabri (must admit though these two have class in picking places during the economic downturn).

What was amusing was some 30km away, his deputy was still hard at work, holding meetings with Ministry officials while he had the cheek to use the services of a company that had shady dealings with a former Minister to arrange for the session last night.

Also conspicously missing were officials from the NSC/ISN/KBS/Sports Commissioners Office as well as Sports advisory Panel.

It is his right to meet with whoever he wants but I am told not all the Sports Editors were present, and some wannabe Sports editors were there as well. So was it a session with a selected few that the PR company was comfortable with or was the Minister trying to avoid getting the REAL truth of what is happening in sports in this country, right from the racial divide to high handed officials to as low as manipulating elections of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

No matter what some might say of Dato Wira Mazlan, never did he endorse no even touch on the issue of the OCM elections while serving as DG of the NSC. But then again different people think differently and I sure hope things too become different with the new Minister.

One word of advice to the Hon. Minister, walk with your back against the wall as those who claim to have good intentions often hurt you the most when it matters. Talk to your Deputy as he has gone through the mill at Jalan Dato Onn when serving Dato Hishamuddin as his Private Secretary. And YB Razali is well aware of the Motor Sports Commission as it was his baby those days.