Friday, April 10, 2009


Read the article below, especially the paragraphs that are in bold. If you though the Europeans were smart, but obviously those chaps in MHF are brilliant.

Malaysia has three bodies running hockey, if FIH care to check ttheir facts right. One is a puppet body, the Malaysian Hockey confederation (MHC), the other two are the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and Malaysian Women Hockey Association (MWHA).

MHF runs men's hockey whereas MWHA runs ladies hockey, period. MHC, well its a body formed to please FIH. Other then being affiliated to OCM, even all dealings with NSC is being done by MHF and MWHA respectively.

Someone in FIH should brief their president and he can also check with government agencies or even take a look physically at what is happening.

As for MHF, its another way of ensuring a backdoor place in the World Cup.

And why are India being punished when Malaysia too are guilty of not conforming with FIH regulations. Only because we do it better then the best magicians in the world.

NEW DELHI, April 9 - Malaysia may well be the next venue if Indian hockey authorities fail to put their house in order within the next six months to remain as host for the men's 2010 World Cup in Delhi.

International Hockey Federation (FIH) president Leandro Negre urged India to create a single body to govern hockey affairs in the country and also replace the existing ad-hoc committee that was currently in charge.

"(The) internal affairs have to be solved by Indian hockey. For FIH, according to our statutes, we need a single body before we can start the world cup, its essential for the world cup. Not possible to run the world cup without it.

"Our decision is to stage the world cup in India, no doubt about it but FIH also has plan B. It will be in Asia. Malaysia is prepared to host it, and they have the experience to organise major events successfully.

"We are pleased and that is our plan B," Negre, leading a five-member delegation to India, to gauge the host's preparations, told media here today.

In India, the men and women hockey activities are managed by two different bodies unlike in other countries, which is administered by a single federation or authority, as required by FIH rules.

Indian hockey is in a quagmire, after the India Hockey Federation led by K.P.S Gill was dissolved when one of its high-ranking official was exposed by local television for accepting bribes to include players in the national squad.

Gill had filed a law suit against the Olympic Council of India and the case would be heard in July this year, giving little time for officials to sort out their issues and call for fresh elections to set up a national body.

"India is the only country that has two separate bodies to run the women's and men's hockey and that is a serious problem. In six months everything has to be settled," said Negre.

Malaysia who had hosted the men's World Cup in 1975 and 2002, had also expressed interest in staging the most prestigious hockey event when the Malaysian Hockey Federation declared they are ready to play host if India faced problems. - Bernama