Tuesday, August 09, 2011


High Performance director Dato James Selvaraj could well be the victim of a vicious power play initiated by some top guns of the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

Currently serving as the high performance director on a part-time basis, James has held a discussion with the BAM President Dato Nadzmi Salleh and it was indicated that BAM was looking for someone who will be able to dedicate his time to BAM on a full time basis.

But sources within BAM have revealed that James is not the chosen one for the full-time position and that they would rather go for a cheaper option then pay the asking price by James.

And what makes it more intriguing is the fact that BAM expects James to present his proposal to the Coaching & Training Committee. And there is a possibility that the plans will be hijacked and the chosen one taking over the position of James.

And in a related development, it us learnt that the term " in the interest of the nation" was used yet again to tell the media on the reasoning behind the exclusion of Gan Teik Chai/Tan Bin Shen from the world championships.

Ironically BAM has failed to explain why no action is being initiated against the official who signed a letter to inform the duo directly on their exclusion in May and yet the BAM is seeking Kedah and Selangor BA take disciplinary action against the two players for dealing directly with the national body.