Monday, April 12, 2010


Below is something I lifted from the OCM Newsletter that is emailed out every Sunday. OCM Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi has made some interesting remarks and it will be better if he names them.
I agree with him as many people with vested interests are around in sports, not just limited to officials but also some who are manipulating situations in order to have their favourites administer certain sports bodies.

Disputes in Sports Organizations.

On the issue of disputes within sports organizations, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar, President of OCM and IOC member stated that the main cause of disputes in sports organizations is the conflict of interests of office bearers, coaches, staff members, parents, sports equipment vendors, etc., within sports organizations.  There are some sports officials, who are making a living out sports, while holding office in sports organizations of their sports, at state and national levels.  

There are some office bearers whose close relatives or loved ones are coaches, parents and suppliers.  Can they act independently and neutrally, when deciding on matter which may affect their relatives and loved ones?  There are also many parents, who fight only for their children. Some of them are very influential and rich and will do everything to get what they want. There are also people who have not established themselves in their careers and their lives and do not have the experience and the knowledge, yet are holding high positions in National Sports Association. There are a few who hold lower positions at the state, but are holding higher office at national level. When they are in the state, they will be subject to the directives of the state, how then are they going to be neutral and fair at National level. There are others who hold many positions in sport and as a result cannot act independently..

So long as there are people who have conflict of interests and vested agendas, holding office in sport, disputes in sport will always be there. Sport is not for self gain or profits. Sport is for those who wish to contribute their time, services and even their money, for the development of sports for the youths of a country.